Yung Wack – 5th to The 1st

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Born in D.C. And raised in PG County, Murrland, rapper Yung Wack has seen a lot in just 25 years of lifespan. Wedged in between D.C. and Baltimore, Yung Wacklearned at an early age to appreciate every day.

From shootouts to close run-ins with the law, to cheating death after getting shot at just the age of 15 years old, Yung Wack is luckily alive to tell one hell of a story that the streets are already starting to follow. Remaining true to the thousands of local people in the streets supporting his movement, Yung Wack paints a picture of his life that is genuine and without censor.

“I was shot when I was in 15, I’ve been in shootouts, simply knowing where my life was at, it made me appreciate my life.
This is real life sh*t that’s going on, that’s based on real life positions. All my music is authentic, I metaphorically code everything in my stories because people are actually paying attention and really listening,” Yung Wack explained.

Part of remaining true to his neighborhood is supporting and the close-knit group for friends that have been there for him from the start

“It’s really a group of boys formed from the sandbox when I was a kid and we are looking to go global. Through the struggle and recession, a lot of our music is from the pain and the struggle and now we’re enjoying having fun,” Yung Wack explained.

When asked about his style of music and whether he was influenced by D.C. or Baltimore’s music scene, Yung Wack said his own neighborhood played a greater influence than anything.

“We right here in the middle of everything, everything leads right here, we’re in the middle of the DMV. My music is influenced by PG County and Maryland. D.C influenced me, but most of my life experiences and my music is reflected through my neighborhood in Maryland. Stuff I’ve been through, friends that passed, police brutality and everything I been through I’m really a product of my environment.”

Fresh of a trip to Vegas for the Mayweather MacGregor fight, PG rapper Yung Wack returns to make a big push with his new visual for “1st to the 5th” that’s drawing heavy attention from the DMV.

Fans of Yung Wack‘s “1st to the 5th” can check the track on his Wayne Gretzky 2 project that’s set for release this Fall. In the mean time, fans can check out his iTunes page below with some recent songs.


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