VICE Discusses The Rise and Controversy of Asian Rap Culture in New Video

VICE launched the second season of its series “Minority Reports,” where host Lee Adams explores communities of underrepresented individuals in unexpected places, shedding light on their experiences to spark larger cultural conversations.

The first episode, which just premiered, tackles the topic of Asian rappers in Hip Hop, as Lee Adams travels to the first-ever Asian Hip Hop festival and the streets of Long Beach to investigate the rapid rise of Asian rappers and whether or not the rest of the community is willing to accept them. He speaks with rising artists including Rich Brian$tupid Young and the Higher Brothers about why they wanted to get involved with rap and the backlash from using the name “Rich Chigga.” Additionally, Lee speaks to Hip Hop radio hosts Ebro and J Cruz to discuss the controversy of Asian rappers feeling entitled to use “the N word” and why non black hip hop artists need to be culturally responsible. 

Future episodes of Minority Reports will find VICE traveling to Houston TX, the home of America’s first Islamic Spanish center, to investigate if the largest number of Muslim converts in the Latin community is related to America’s current political climate. Later in the series, Lee travels to the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington DC to talk to the voices in the black conservative movement and to understand how the disillusionment and often empty promises of the democratic party are causing the growth of Black conservatives across the nation. 

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with Rich Brian, 88rising, and $tupid Young


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