Toronto’s Ziyaad Luceō Releases A New Project ‘CHANNEL: Division’

 Toronto’s Ziyaad Luceō releases a new streaming project entitled ‘CHANNEL: Division’. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ is a 27-minute experience consisting of 12 tracks. He describes this body of work to be ‘a collective string of unreleased songs’; somewhat like a playlist or mix. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ isn’t like his previously released EP, ‘Late Night Calls’. Production wise the channel is way more upbeat and diverse. From the first record ‘Dishonest’ (which was packaged as Division’s second single release) to the last song ‘Voicemails’, the overall feeling and energy of the project swifts with its tempo and melodic rhythms. Like many of his other work, Ziyaad is able to create a storyline and theme that are very connected to his previous EP where he communicates about his past memories and conflicting emotions. Expressing feelings toward love, friendships/relationships, sex, heartbreak, his Outlier crew and etc. All strung together to present a cohesive project that can be analyzed but also background music for those late night moods. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ is an interesting project that represents a new form of sharing project/bodies of music.

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