Toronto R&B Artist Ziyaad Luceō Releases “Good Evening Melodies” (Prod. by Sonder & M&M)

Toronto’s R&B up and comer, Ziyaad Luceō, returns after a short 2-month hiatus with a new record called “Good Evening Melodies”. This song is produced by the duo “Sonder” and engineered by Luceō himself. Ziyaad stays true to the title of the song and creates a dark and atmospheric experience from start to finish. With smooth samples, capative vocals/lyrics and an engaging instrumental, he is able to capture the night (moody) lifestyle. He says on his one of his latest Instagram posts “1 More Scrap, 3 Rollout Singles and an EP”. With this track being released now, it leads his audience to believe that more serious material is to come very soon. “Good Evening Melodies” is a great interluding track to represent the sound and vibrations of what’s imminent. #LNC

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