Toronto artist Whosrome releases new visual for “Issues”

Who is Whosrome? A young male vocalist who’s sound embodies traditional Rnb with a new-school flavour. Whosrome comes from a soulful Jamaican background but was born and raised in the west-end of Toronto, Ontario. Rome and his family later uprooted to the rural suburb of Brampton within the same region. Like most young men, Rome had his run in’s with trouble, but decided that wasn’t to be his path. He quickly took to the sport of soccer, where his talents were recognized and honed by coaches and mentors within the industry of the sport. Soccer was the bulk of his life but seemingly nothing else compared to his love of music, so much so that he turned down a scholarship that his efforts with soccer had earned him. Rome expresses that he was always aware of his musical capabilities but never gave it much thought until, on a whim he decided to release “Say it”, a cover by Tory Lanez, which soon after went viral. Holding the sentiment of family near; a close cousin of Rome’s who had at the time recently finished a 12 year stint in prison, had immediately saw the potential of his family member Rome even when his parents were reluctant to do the same. An introduction to a recording studio by his cousin JB was all it took for a whim to become a passion. After these series of events an enterprise was born, No Questions Inc. Founded by the Artist and two other members who he states have played a major role in his career to date.

Self-proclaimed The WestEnd Prince, and rightfully so, then went forward to release noteworthy singles such as “No Time”, “Find Out” and presently “Time Never Mattered” and now “Issues”. A video was released for the single “Issues” on November 7th, the industry and the ones who founded it and presently contribute to the Rnb genre, he feels that now more than ever music has become more about popularity as opposed content and an authentic sound. Whosrome is not just a handsome face with a smooth all-encompassing voice, he is writer who creates based on real life experiences. As far as the future goes, Whosrome is constantly and consistently generating new material that can continue to curate his sound and also in hopes to remind listeners authenticity is far from extinct.

Check out the visuals below!!

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