Teller Bank$ – “Room 357: The Return” [Mixtape]

Rapper, singer, instrumentalist and producer Teller Bank$ is releasing his first project since emerging from years of personal struggle. Recently diagnosed as manic-depressive, the father of three almost lost his newborn son to a near-fatal C-section, which only exacerbated the stress related to the premature birth of his twin daughters who spent 115 days in intensive care. Combined with legal woes and a move from his home state of Colorado to Iowa, the last several years of his life nearly derailed him entirely. Though still in the healing process, Teller Bank$ is triumphing through music and has announced Room 357: The Return, an ten-track compilation he describes as a “versetape.” The project serves as a “while-you-wait” offering while he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming album, No Country 4 Old Niggaz. “It’s a collection of dope verses that didn’t make the album, through no fault of their own,” he says. “I was listening to them and realized they told a story. All the songs were recorded at varying times over the last two years, so hearing my different mindsets is a trip.”

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