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Westside Gunn –

Conway The Machine feat. Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn – “Tito’s Back”

“The kid with the twisted face is the new face of Shady.”

His meteoric ascension aside, it’s miraculous that Conway is even still alive, much less the new face of Eminem’s Shady Records.  After suffering a bullet to the back of the head in 2012, the gnarly incident changed the technical way he rhymed, prompting him to adopt an off balance, but commanding and exacting flow, which Conway employs to depict the autobiographical world he expertly raps about and lives in—and as he knows, the consequences of the game are brutal. 

Griselda’s (Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn) rise, both collectively and individually is palpable.  From their inauspicious Buffalo roots, to signing with Eminem and Shady Records, the Griselda juggernaut has created a real and sustaining moment.  That movement is unified, authentic, raw, unfiltered, vivid and raw.  And there is no disputing that a real street ethos exists; one that has taken the music industry by storm.

Over the three volumes of his Everybody Is F.O.O.D. franchise, Conway’s credo has been you’ve got to eat what you kill and that’s how you get to where you’re going.  Nothing personal, nothing friendly and no handshakes.  Cold and calculated; that’s The Machine.

While we await Griselda to unleash their forthcoming group project for Shady Records (What Would Chine Gun Do which will be released in September) and Conway’s solo project for Shady Records (God Don’t Make Mistakes, which will be released in October and features the lead-single “Bang!” featuring Eminem), today Conway announces his prelude project, Look What I Became…, which will be released by Griselda Records and is executive produced by Westside Gunn.  To formally announce the project, Conway grabbed his Griselda brothers to join him on the projects lead-single, “Tito’s Back,” which is also produced by Griselda mainstay Daringer.

Look What I Became… is an appetizer before God Don’t Mistakes.  I’m just staying on fire and keeping the streets feed and satisfied.  I’m painting pictures” Conway confidently asserted.  “I came from the bottom, from nothing, and now I’m on a major label and making music with Eminem.  This project is a blueprint of that.  “Tito’s Back” is one of my favorites on the album.  It’s always dope to have the original four members (including Daringer) of Griselda all in the same room making fire.  Look What I Became… is an incredible project and body of work and one of my favorite’s I’ve recorded thus far.  I trust Westside’s vision and process to bring everything together how I want to be presented. A nugget ain’t a nugget until it’s dipped in sauce.  His flavor puts it over the top.” 

Look What I Became… will be released on 9-13-19 and features guest appearances and production from Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, Dave East, Jim Jones, Alchemist, Statik Selektah, DJ Muggs and Daringer.

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DJ Premier feat. Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny The Butcher – “Headlines”

The Griselda collective of Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny The Butcher (all emerging stars in their own right) is a unified family movement built on authenticity.  It’s cultural, it’s raw and it’s viral.  Griselda’s ascension, both collectively and individually is palpable.  From their inauspicious Buffalo roots, to signing with Eminem and Shady Records, in a non-plussed industry which advances style over substance, the Griselda juggernaut has created a real and sustaining moment.  With the crews amazing run of both commercial success and critical acclaim there is no disputing that a real street ethos exists. 

DJ Premier is a living auteur; his champion sounds have been the authority for the soundtrack of the streets for three decades.  While his ear sets Preem apart from his contemporaries, the legendary creator also has an inimitable ability to build a unique chemistry with each artist he works with. Whether it was Notorious B.I.G., Nas or Jay-Z, Preem has been a constant staple and bridge in Hip-Hop’s retro futurism, assisting in turning fast rising artists into rap royalty. 

“I’ve wanted to do a record with them individually for a few years now.  I had been listening to Westside Gunn first.  Conway got my lyrical attention very heavy when Alchemist told me to listen to how he rhymes” Premier asserted. “Then after I got in tune with Benny’s songs, I immediately knew that in order to follow up the Casanova record (“WUT U SAID”) it made sense to have all three on the same single. “Headlines” was made organically from a blank canvas at my studio at 2am and it happened so fast; and I loved their work ethic.  Pull the trigger on this one!”

When Conway proclaims on his opening bar “I don’t beef on the internet I approach you,” over Preem’s anthemic boom-bap, the modernization of an aesthetic from NY’s storied street rap movement comes full circle; and you are simultaneously transported back to the block when trunks rattled from blasting a new gem from a just released Clue tape. 

With Griselda, bleak tales of survival and violent escapades are the topics at hand and DJ Premier is a conduit artistically elevating the sound of the life they lead.  And when Benny offers “I sewed the block together like a seamstress, and I lived to tell about it on some Preem shit,” it doesn’t come off as an admission of guilt, as much as it does the realization of a lifelong dream. 

“Working with Preemo was surreal and watching him cook from scratch; I still can’t believe the record is done” exclaimed Westside Gunn.   “Shooting the video in my city (Directed by Jason Goldwatch in Buffalo, NY) makes it even more legendary!  This is just the beginning of our cook up and definitely one of the only things on my bucket list.”

DJ Premier, Griselda & Payday Records.  Certain marriages seem predestined until the streets say I do.  This is for the culture!  You ready?

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