B2 Music Drops “Paint Me In God” ft. T-Pain, Mike Rebel, Chinese Rapper Wang Yi Tai

b2 Music, a division of Holdings Limited, announces the release of “Paint Me In God”, the lead single off their upcoming second installment of Vibe presents: Urban Asia.“Paint Me in God” features an all star lineup, including LA artist, Mike Rebel, superstar T-Pain, and Chinese rapper WangYi Tai, of Rap of China fame. This single is an East-West pairing, representing all corners of the world, and sets the tone for the whole album; which is set to drop May 24th. “Paint Me In God” is a soundtrack for anyone who has been judged by THEIR appearance, the amount of money they have, where they were born, or anything other than what they truly are” states Rebel.

With the Asian music industry making a larger imprint in today’s mainstream U.S culture, T-Pain was happy to be part of this movement; “Music doesn’t have a nationality, doesn’t belong to a country or one people. It doesn’t surprise me that the culture of hip hop is resonating in China, and this is the perfect record to bridge our two cultures. It’s always more exciting for me to be involved with a song like this one; one that touches on topics everyone relates to…how people are judged verses how we all should be judged…let’s paint everyone the color GOD” he says proudly.

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