Kendrick Lamar Talks Trump, Obama, and His Best Verse With i-D Magazine

 The Winter 2017 issue features a provocative and powerful collection of words and images that travels the globe to speak with the most important people in music at this moment. In a thoughtful conversation with New York based cultural commentator Touré, Kendrick ruminates on the impact of his seminal track “Alright,” Obama, Trump and the power of the mind.

The two discuss the rapper’s relationship with former President Obama who he considers a friend and a fan who he recently discussed being baffled by the current political climate. Although he is not a fan of Tump, he believes Trump is pushing him to create better music.

“The key differences [between Obama and Trump] are morals, dignity, principles, common sense,” he says. Where Obama was an inspiration, it’s hard for him to even respect Trump.

Kendrick also reveals that unlike many people in the industry, he creates music completely sober and sees music as a competition but also something to connect to. He thanks his friends for letting him know when his writing was bad, helping him develop thick skin. Of all of his work that has been released, he claims “Fear” contains the best verses he’s ever written.

“When I’m gone. I can rest peacefully knowing that I contributed to the evolution of this right here, the mind.” 

Finally, Lamar admits that his daily meditation segments are helping him gain perspective in the world. He speaks on his efforts of helping his community and hometown of Compton by building YMCAs so citizens can not just make money, but have an opportunity to “earn a living.” His hope is for his actions to cause a chain reaction to uplift the community.

“I’m a human being, I’m a person, I have family, I have my own personal  problems. But I have to give to the world. That’s my responsibility. It’s not just a job or entertainment for me; this is what I have to offer to the world.”