Michael Aristotle is “Almost There” but He Reminisces on Past Collection on #spilltheTEA

Eastside, Atlanta native, Michael Aristotle reminisces on his his last two releases “Mega Millions” And “TONI” as he prepares us for a major release “Almost There.” Preceding the episode, he dropped a surprise EP titled “E” to hold us over. The marketing of these latest releases have left a remarkable replay value bringing everyone a millionaire feel with the Mega Millions check and being an advocate for the “Lil Booties Matter” campaign. Follow Teaacup of #spilltheTEA

spilltheTEA TV features all walks of independent entities from artists, local brand owners, to movements and social discussions.

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Blve Cocaine Says Being Bullied Led Her To Being An MC with #spilltheTEA

Blve Cocaine, formerly known “Skyy Chronicles,” is a female MC that has previous experience as an event hostess, freestyle, and battle rapper. In this episode, after winning the monthly cypher series hosted by #spilltheTEA and recently headlining the Broke2Dope pop up, Blve informs us on the difference between being an artist and MC. She mentions how being bullied during grade school led her to battle rapping, while elaborating on dealing with Bipolar Disorder. The latest single she has out right now is titled “Shit Show.” Be sure to subscribe to #spilltheTEA on Youtube to stay up to date with underground Atlanta. Check out Blve Cocaine on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/blue_cocaine8/…

Interview shot and edited by IG @Wavyyboogz

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#spilltheTEA with Mir Fontane : Discuss “Macaroni Tony”, Home East Camden , Missy Elliott & MORE With Teaacup

In this episode of #spilltheTEA, Atlanta influencer Teaacup plays Smash or Pass with New Jersey native Mir Fontane. On a vibrant side, we learn that Mir isn’t too fond of black lipstick and thinks the septum piercing doesn’t fit every female- a thought that isn’t too far fetched according to many.

Mir Fontane is an up and comer with  something to prove. Finishing his album tour mid summer, Fontane begins to talk about the persona of “Macaroni Tony” dying his hair blonde to fit the “macaroni” mold, and how the project is a tale of his past and his rise to be one of the greatest. The story could easily be heard on the second track of called ‘Next’ (which also can be heard playing before the interview).

Fontane has always came to play. His ambition has been there since a child, with the help of his grandfather, Fontane has always kept his focus on academics and the music. It has always been a passion, that could be seen early on as told by his grandfather. Fontane’s grandfather says that “[Fontane] knew education was the foundation. The good thing about living in this city, he sees both avenues of what he can do. [Fontane] sees professionals in the city, interacted with them, at the same time he sees that if you don’t keep your head screwed on right, you could fall by the waste-side.” (This can be heard on the Mass Appeal, mini-doc, Camden: A Child Invincible on YouTube.) In his hometown of East Camden, New Jersey, Fontane has spoken of the people, his/their life growing up in one of the poorest cities in the States and how difficult it was to spread his music. The continued hardship of being in Camden and trying to do the best he could with spreading awareness and making sure that being numb to the environment was something that could not be done.

It isn’t just hype. Mir Fontane is a skilled lyricist with a infectious flow and current sound. The artist would go back and forth to Philadelphia to give a larger audience a taste of a different sound. Of course, the people came to love the artist, even to the point of booking larger venues and building a fan base. In his newest project, he tells a story to staying true with who he is, without getting lost in hardship of being a product of his environment.

Check out the latest episode of #spilltheTEA and listen to Mir Fontane’s remix to the 6th track off his Macaroni Tony project “Bodega” featuring Fetty Wap on all major streaming platforms.

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Never Have I Ever with Songstress Cydnei Chyan on #spilltheTEA

Cydnei Chyan is a groundbreaking R&B singer based in both Atlanta and Indianapolis. Cydnei stops by to spilltheTEA with Teaacup in a game called “Never Have I Ever” Follow Cydnei Chyan on all social media @CydneiChyan Stream her latest release “Blue EP” on all platforms: http://hyperurl.co/cydneichyanbluep

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Damar Jackson Says Nagging Is A Turn OFF ? On #SpilltheTEA

Damar Jackson gives details about his 2018 re-released project “Unfaithful” (Deluxe). He also elaborates on turn ons/offs in relationships, why he considers his music classic, and more #spilltheTEA is always keeping you updated with the culture of Atlanta which is home to most of today’s rising stars, brands, & movements.

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Yani Mo talks Poly Relationships + The Spiritual Experience of Eating Pussy On spilltheTEA

Season 2 of #spilltheTEA, Teaacup links up with Yani Mo to speak on different ways to love, the magical experience of eating vagina, and her career between battling depression & exploring Afrofuturism.

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Never Have I Ever | #spilltheTEA with Johnny Apollo

Season 2, Episode 2. The #spilltheTEA series explores Atlanta creatives in a different light. Rising artist Johnny Apollo stops by after Atlantas A3C festival to play “Never Have I Ever”, “Smash or Pass” & more. If you haven’t seen the premiere episode of Season 2 with Jaye Newton, check it out here https://youtu.be/qdk4UMU6UUo

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New #spilltheTEA webisode features a tribute to Shawty Lo


But first lets get to the webisode. The new #spilltheTEA features rising hip-hop artists Ricky From Harlem and Chris the ventriloquist. Ricky speaks on not being labeled as a “dummy,” working with B.O.B. in Atlanta, and his rambunctious love life.

The two have also composed a tribute to the deceased, Atlanta icon Shawty Lo by participating in the #DeyKnowChallenge. Tweet or tag Teacup in your #DeyKnowChallenge on Instagram & she will also share it on her social media accounts.

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Doggy Style Records signee Clay James sits down to #spilltheTEA


Clay James (1/2 of Southern Playas) sits down with Teaacup on her birthday to #spilltheTEA on landing a deal with Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style label. He is the first artist from the south to sign under the label that is now relaunching. Clay gives upcoming artists advice on paving their way in the Atlanta industry and speaks on his experience upon landing the deal. He’s also set to tour on Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s ‘The High Road’ Tour this Summer 16′

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