Jaydee Dailey is a true talented artist. She’s a free spirit, creative and is an artistic Nusoul artist with several different talents. She’s the full package. Creativity is life for Jaydee. Spiritual growth, positive energy and healing through music is inspiring for Jaydee and plays a huge role in growing her career.

“Why try to find yourself, when you can create yourself?” – JD

We had a chance to sit down with Jaydee to talk about her recently released album and the obstacles she faced along the way.

Tell us about your latest project?

Fxded, also known as BrokenClocksofTime, is currently available on SoundCloud.

Music saved my life, literally. Before I started my most recent project, FxDED (BrokenClocksofTime), I was anti-sober, self-destructing, not to mention I was doing so at a devastatingly self-deteriorating pace. My latest project is exciting because it is my first project. I wrote a song about grieving for my brother who passed away in 2016 of December. After a rough year of drinking liquor by the bottle, breakdowns, pushing everyone away, and destroying every ounce of life in myself, I was resurrected. I visited my brothers grave for the first time, and it inspired me to write Broken Clocks of Time, which is how I got inspiration for the project. I felt that fire spark again. I had completely stopped living life and checked out when he passed away. When I found passion and life through music for the first time since he passed away, I knew that I would create myself again. It was a miracle because, I felt hope and faith, which had felt so far way moments before. I may not be the same person I was before all of this happened, but I have found to love the person I am. My supporters have really helped me realized how much music can give a person power and healing.

“No more locked door singing”

What was the most difficult thing you faced while making your album?

I would have to say my biggest challenge was finding a balance. A balance which would give my music career progression and success without depleting my character in the process. I needed to constantly remind myself to not move as fast as my brain works. I have diversity and talent with being new in the music industry, which people will take advantage of if I allow them to. It’s hard to turn down opportunities that are dope and could be beneficial for my music exposure, especially when they involve promising rewards. I often remind myself that not all opportunities available, even the ones that are dope and legit are wise choices for my future. I learned with time I had to be diligent, patient, positive, and encouraged through times that may feel discouraging. I don’t want to look back wishing I had done things differently, signed to a label with a terrible deal, or worse even, just because I didn’t have enough patience to remember my intelligence. I love music, I love myself, and I love my supporters too much to not be wise enough to make it up the top of every chart in the right way.

How would you describe your music?

I sing about experiences, things people can relate to, and I always try to keep my voice and lyrics raw and vulnerable so it has that authenticity. It gives a sense of nostalgia, euphoric almost, while it still portrays sensual and soft vibes, but yet has an edginess to it. I love that my music can portray a soulful chill vibe for people to feel soothed simply by my voice, it’s a rewarding feeling for me when many people say they find my music healing.

Who are some people you’re influenced by?

I would have to say my biggest influence is a dope artist, 7 a.m., who released Sober, around the time I started my project. He ended up becoming my producer, engineer, and best friend throughout the project and helped me gain confidence, knowledge, dope beats, and we collaborated on a lot of tracks that I still listen to every day. He is one of my biggest influences because of how much effort and time he put into believing in me and pushing me to be my best version of myself as an artist and person.

Tell us a success story about a time you feared something but you’ve overcame it?

I feared not being able to reach all the high expectations that I set for myself. That I would put myself out there, being honest about all I went through, because it’s so personal, and no one would understand. I am glad that I don’t let fear run my life, because people have shown me support, understanding, and love ever since I dropped, FxDED. I got to heal through music, and I now see that my music gives other people a similar chance in a different way.

Would you collaborate with another female MC? If so, who would you want to collaborate with?

I would collaborate with Queen Latifah. She has multiple talents like I do. Since I sing, act, model, paint, etc., I feel she has a lot of wisdom and a free spirit. She always sends a message through her music, and keeps things with class. I respect her career and how she carries herself. She has a good sense of humor as well. I feel if her and I collaborated, it would be epic, for the simplicity of how different and yet alike we are.



Singer/Songwriter B.Marie Releases “Blu Drazz” Single

Who is B.Marie? A Dallas native who is a mother, college student, chef, and singer/songwriter. Her music is darker and more spiritually reflective than what we’re used to hearing, but with an eclectic vibe. Today, she releases her new single, “Blu Drazz”, produced by The Architect. She touches on soul cleansing, wisdom and warfare. Her unique blend of soul, knowledge, and sexuality makes you wonder what she has in store next.

Social Media:

Atlanta Singer Shellie Sweets debuts Her New Project #SweetFix EP


unnamed (1)

Shellie Sweets debuts highly anticipated EP

On April 25, 2016, Shellie Sweets dropped the Sweet Fix EP hosted by DJ Pretty Boy Tank on livemixtapes and soundcloud that features seven songs, all produced by Nedlog Era, and a re-release of the hit single DOPE!.

Shellie Sweets, a singer and entertainer repping Da Mound (Stone Mountain, GA), has been hinting at fans and followers that her very first project will be released after three years of performing the popular Trap Anthem DOPE! on the road. She’s finally taking you into the world of a beautiful maniac.

After surviving nine car wrecks and being diagnosed as “crazy” (creative genius bred from madness, rather) at an early age, doctors wasted no time prescribing a rainbow of pills to relieve the constant pain from her injuries. It’s hard to stay in the right frame of mind with such easy access to a sweet escape.

Through Sweet Fix, Shellie sheds light on a very dark stage of her life by boldly stamping her sound as Trap Gospel: jazz influenced production with heart pounding 808s that match the grit and hunger pains in her soulful voice.This vulnerable testimony tells the story of her rise to stardom, from the trials and tribulations of drugs, lust and learning self worth.

Now, in a place of creative clarity and peace, Shellie Sweets sings about turning her life around and cappin’ on the very thing that once held her down. Her music heals, uplifts and motivates the hustlers, lovers and strugglers that want to be set free from their own trap.

Listening to such an angelic voice sing “I can get a whole, a 7 or a O, long as I don’t sell my soul, I got it for the low” is so attention grabbing and trill! It’s like “wait, what did she just say?!”

So be careful, listening to Sweet Fix just might get you hooked.

Social Media:

@DJPrettyBoyTank, @NedlogEra & @ShellieSweets

#BrandNew: @IamSnxo – Hold You Down (REMIX)

Singer Snxo released her visual to her remake “Hold You Down”. The video shows Snxo against the world. But at the end of the day she is still Holding it down. She has a crazy voice with range. Check out the video above.

Get to know State of Mind Muzic artist Snxo. Below she gives detail about whats to come from her as a artist. Also she gives her side of being a female in a male driven industry.