Saucy Longwe Drops His New EP “Meadow Lane”

Saucy Longwe dropped off his long awaited EP titled “Meadow Lane”. Featuring the likes of Mulo. From Pluto which is his blood brother an the Young Heartthrob Kodie Shane herself…. Not to mention standout producer Dario, on Meadow Lanes we get a glimpse of a refreshing summer vibe from Saucy Longwe. 

Nine tracks an not a one worth skipping, from his last release w/ “Evolve” the young crooner from Atlanta is definitely showing an proving his skills lyrically.

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Northside of Atlanta Artist Saucy Longwe Drops His New visual “Edgy”

Fresh off of dropping his latest & anticipated single “Cristal”, not to mention the release of “Evolve” a solo project following his consistent catalog featuring some plenty Kodie Shane joints and numerous stand out Compilations alongside the songstress. Saucy Longwe, also know as the Ying to Kodie Shane’s Yang & right hand man, who is also signed to the label (Young Heartthrob). When it comes to the life and times of the young crooner repping the North-side of Atlanta, it’s clear he is definitely in the process of recording his major debut as he continues to deliver visuals from “Evolve”. Today we get “Edgy” one of the most streamed joints from the stand out Ep. Throughout the video we get a glimpse of some fly lifestyle scenes with a bit of what the tracks title tells us, which is “edginess” an that’s edginess to obligate that our culture remains most resilient. With flawless transitions an him rapping effortlessly with some dope sonically prepared lyrics, this video captures Saucy in his element, an it’s clear his message to his fans is to simply stay true to themselves regardless of outside judgment just as he does. With an unbothered spirit an a conscience method behind all of his joints, I’m sure this is just the beginning of Saucy Longwe dropping more visuals off the “Evolve” Ep! With “Edgy” shot by (@filmswavebray ) you can also peep an interview filmed the same day the video was shot as well below!!

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