Egypt’s pre kai ro Is Going Global As He Drops DEBUT Visual & Single “Ten Outa Ten”

With PartyNextDoor and Drake dropping some new music, pre kai ro decides he wanted to join in on the fun as well. Today the rising star from Egypt officially delivers his powerful debut video & single “Ten Outa Ten”.

Having offered an exploration into the more vulnerable sides of his persona with his last 2 singles ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Mercy,’ pre kai ro’s latest offering in the single ‘Ten Outa Ten’ is one that revolves mainly around a showcasing of his newly unhinged levels of bravado. 

The singer/songwriter seamlessly blends elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Trap music as he successfully revisits his mood in his late 2018 single ‘Blink Twice’ – a more aggressive stance regarding his relationship with love, lust and his position in the music game (Blink Twice is now approaching 1 million streams on Spotify). More prominently focusing on an obviously interested female figure, kai ro makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her emotionally and goes on to disrespect both her and her significant other. Ten Outa Ten is an aggressive, emotional retaliation within a trap-infused R&B record made with the purpose of provoking those pre kai ro has taken aim at.

The Egypt native is a must listen! pre kai ro continues to grow a cult like following as he drops a new single every 24th of the month. With his numbers and fan base rising daily, pre kai ro is displaying just why he is forming into a global superstar. Don’t sleep on pre kai ro for too much longer, 2020 will be a brilliant year for the young artist.

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Rising R&B Sensation pre kai ro Unleashes Yet Another Smash w/ New Single “Mercy” (Produced By Don Fuego)

pre kai ro is back and making quite an argument for being one of the most promising R&B acts on the rise. The Egypt native has created quite a catalog in 2019 with his “Blink Twice” single still growing tremendously and on it’s way to approaching 1 million. pre kai ro latest single “Baby Boy” splashed on to the scene and garnered the support from Lil Xan, Zias and many major outlets on top of coverage from Spotify editorial, Tidal editorial and Apple editorial. 
As somewhat of an extension to his latest single “Baby Boy,” “Mercy” is written more-so as an examination of how far pre kai ro’s love interest is prepared to go to be granted “mercy” from his unstable lifestyle as an artist. She begs for mercy and claims she’ll do what he needs even if he hurts her, and she won’t leave even if he curves her. “Mercy” also offers pre’s own rebuttal of the song’s situation whereby in the second verse he makes it clear – with an almost menacing tone – that his love interest fails to understand him and his “rolling stone” lifestyle whilst also displaying a softer side as he attempts to call her back at the end of the verse. The result is a trap-inspired R&B anthem that captures the nature of relationships in today’s young world. 
Tapping in with his promising in-house producer Don Fuego, pre is back with yet another smash single and is here to wake anyone up that is still sleeping. Be on the lookout for pre kai ro in 2020 as he is on his way to the very top.

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Egypt has a star, PRE KAI RO Gives You The Chills W/ New Single “Baby Boy” (Prod. By Don Fuego x Olsem)

Baby Boy is about the complexity of balancing a turbulent artist lifestyle with some kind of committed relationship. Baby Boy’s lyrics are primarily from the woman’s perspective as she explains to the song’s protagonist how she never loved him for his music and despite his newfound fame and attention due to his career, she still wishes to return to how things were before he found success. Until then she remains lonely and waiting for him to come back to their city.
pre kai ro charted on Apple Music “Hot Tracks” a week ago with his single “King” and his latest single with 24HRS titled, “Follow Me Home” produced and arranged by Saud. pre kai ro “Blink Twice” just hit 700K streams on Spotify, while his “Cold” audio single officially hit 2 million on Youtube.

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Hailing From Egypt, Rising Artist pre kai ro Releases His New Single “KING”

pre kai ro is beginning to prove just how big of a super star he is soon to be. With his music catching on to the masses, pre kai ro continues his rise with a new Riddla produced single titled, “King”. Hailing from Egypt, the young artist has crooned his way to a cult like following that seems to be rising daily across the world. Cementing himself on 9,000 Spotify playlists in total, 4k alone on his latest offering “Blink Twice”, pre kai ro has amounted an impressive and ever growing 394K+ streams on his last single. 
Let’s just say the music speak for itself, if you take one listen to the artist sound you can certainly understand why so much hype is surrounding him. Listen to ‘King’ and take a breathe of fresh air, as pre kai ro guides you across his new single, echoing his unique and soulful voice across catchy production, depicting his story word for word. 
Are you a fan of pre kai ro latest offering ‘Blink Twice’? ‘King’ will be exactly what you needed next. If you are unfamiliar with the talented artist, we suggest diving deep into pre kai ro vast array of sound and become a fan for yourself. Be on the lookout for this artist all 2019, as he prepares to keep you all very entertained.

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pre kai ro New Single ‘Blink Twice’

pre kai ro is quite a unique artist and individual, soon to be a huge sensation, standing on some very solid records and numbers where an artist usually begins to take off. pre kai ro is someone you might want to get familiar with now, hailing from Cairo, Egypt and currently calling Dubai home. Already picking up solid steam on his own through most platforms a singer or someone of his sound would, the future is about to be bright for this artist. The musical opportunities over seas are limited, even more so in areas such as Dubai and Egypt, pre kai ro will be one to break that barrier..
One listen to pre kai ro and anyone is sure to become a fan of his unique tone, sound, melodies and material. Dig deeper into the artist and you find a unique individual, one who comes from poverty and struggle in a middle eastern country, one who looks to provide for his family, a rare artist who is not all about the “money & fame” in an all about the money and fame lifestyle we currently live in. One who speaks to many through his songs and writings and looks to bring light to the dark and bring life to the lifeless through his art, struggles and differences.
This time around, pre kai ro wanted to get some thoughts of his chest. With that being said he brings us his latest offering titled, “Blink Twice”. The artist steps back from his singing and brings us a more melodic approach on this record which allows him to unveil his anger, confidence, annoyance and general emotions. “Blink Twice” is a record that many are sure to love with the melodic transitions, gliding production and energetic ensembles the artist brings to the table. Be on the lookout for this name, with a project on the way and a vault full of music, pre kai ro is sure to close out 2018 on a high note.

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