Nikosi – Wait (feat. Selah Marley)

Nikosi is a New Jersey artist most known for his self-titled EP and singles “Superstar”, and “Spaceship” featuring Fetty Wap. After a short hiatus, Nikosi returns with a banger in “Wait” featuring the model/artist Selah Marley. Selah is also the daughter of New Jersey music legend Laurydn Hill.

With “Wait”, both artists deliver some very smooth vocals accompanied by mellow background instruments. This collaboration signifies the different sounds that are present throughout the New Jersey music scene. For Selah, this type of track is the style she is used to using like in her tracks “Breathe” and “Closure” but Nikosi took a different route with the slow mellow approach on this song. Both artists also complement each other very well on this new track, no word on any other collaborations in the future but it would definitely be another treat for listeners.

This new track signals that there is more music to come from Nikosi. Selah has also dropped a track recently titled “Breathe” featuring IDKHIM, produced by KPR. Selah and Nikosi are very talented young artists that showcase New Jersey’s bright future in the music scene.

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