Ex-NFL QB Marcus Vick — Insane Police Video, Running from Cops & Captured at Gunpoint

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According to TMZ, Vick was being questioned by police officers because there was a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a civil case. After several minutes of questioning in which the police surrounded Vick due to their fear that he’d run and they wouldn’t be able to catch him, he took off, evaded the officers, and tried to get away. The footrace between Vick and the police was captured on one of the officer’s body camera.

While Vick got plenty of separation between himself and the cops on foot, he appears to have decided to end the chase by sitting down on a sidewalk. The police officer wearing a body camera approached him with his weapon drawn, and after several police cars showed up, Vick was apprehended by the authorities.

(via TMZ)

NFL Catches Heat for Playing Migos’ ‘Fight Night’ During Pregame

Atlanta group Migos were caught in the middle of the NFL’s latest fumble when the Tennessee Titans used the group’s hit song, “Fight Night” during their warm-up on Sunday.

According to Stashed, the team was immediately scrutinized for using the song given the league’s recent abuse cases with Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and other troubled players.

While “Fight Night” contains sexually explicit lyrics like, “Hit it with the left, hit it with the right, I’m a knock the p**** out like fight night. Beat it with the left, beat it with the right, I’m a knock the p**** out like fight night” Don MacLauchlan, Titans vice president of administration and facilities, says the song should have been removed.

“We review everything we play on game days and play radio versions, but clearly with the subject matter included, the song should have been flagged and eliminated from the playlist,” he said.

Following the video of Ray Rice hitting his wife last week, the league and CBS pulled the Rihanna-featured song, “Run This Town” from their opening telecast of NFL’s Thursday Night Football.

Like some fans, the members of Migos had a few questions. The group sent out a tweet about the confusion on Monday.


Source: Stashed