Fashion: Minneapolis’s Anthony Aigbogun Introduces Official BLAGK Customs Collection

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The Twin Cities has pushed out some amazing talent in recent years, and it’s still growing into more of a kick start destination for some of Minnesota’s most uprising artists. The Twin Cities is home to some of the greatest in the business: songwriter Bob Dylan, actor Vince Vaughn, and music legend Prince just to name a few.

Brooklyn, New York native Anthony Aigbogun, now residing in the Twin Cities, is an independent fashion designer, model, and creator of Blagk Customs.

Created in June of 2014, Blagk Customs is a fashion line for both men and women that offers a collection of distressed denim, bomber jackets, joggers, shirts, and beanies. Nevertheless, Anthony considers himself a custom designer, creating mainly one-on-one pieces with his own personal touch.

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His line, Blagk Customs (the “Blagk” stands for “Black Lions, Arrows, and Gold Kings”), defines everything the collection represents. Incorporating African symbolism and Afrocentric designs, promoting confidence and the sense of being bold, Blagk Customs has an originality that stems away from the current fashion trends we see today.

In the last couple years, he’s been experimenting with reconstruction and construction of denim, paint, cultural designs, and creating all of his work by hand. The cool thing about getting a one-on-one piece from Anthony is that he’ll either offer you one of his personal pieces or you could have him completely redesign some of the clothes you already have. A lot of his creations have come from his basement or sometimes he grabs studio space at Minneapolis art organization Juxtaposition.

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Either way, Anthony is always applying his creativity somewhere and constantly looking for new ways to design. His focus for the line is to promote his Nigerian and New York culture in nontraditional ways. The Blagk Customs line is eccentric, edgy, street, and derives from an East Coast sense of fashion.

The Twin Cities is not really known for its fashion, but Anthony is slowly but surely working on creating a name for himself, at the least. More and more people have caught onto the wave and are getting original looks and creations from the designer. Anthony and the Blagk Customs collection have already gained the support from Los Angeles’s DJ Damage, Memphis rapper Snootie Wild, and Saint Paul’s DJ Enferno.

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The official Blagk Customs collection has yet to be released as a whole, but the goal is to have everything up and running by fall 2016. In the meantime, Anthony will be releasing some of his designs for the first time by store, from Minneapolis’ Studio 23, sometime this summer.

Still working on getting up a main destination where people can see his work and place orders, you can currently check out the official Blagk Customs collection via Anthony’s Facebook and Instagram.