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Mike Rebel –

B2 Music Drops “Paint Me In God” ft. T-Pain, Mike Rebel, Chinese Rapper Wang Yi Tai

Today, b2 Music, a division of Holdings Limited, announces the release of “Paint Me In God”, the lead single off their upcoming second installment of Vibe presents: Urban Asia.“Paint Me in God” features an all star lineup, including LA artist, Mike Rebel, superstar T-Pain, and Chinese rapper WangYi Tai, of Rap of China fame. This single is an East-West pairing, representing all corners of the world, and sets the tone for the whole album; which is set to drop May 24th. “Paint Me In God” is a soundtrack for anyone who has been judged by THEIR appearance, the amount of money they have, where they were born, or anything other than what they truly are” states Rebel.

With the Asian music industry making a larger imprint in today’s mainstream U.S culture, T-Pain was happy to be part of this movement; “Music doesn’t have a nationality, doesn’t belong to a country or one people. It doesn’t surprise me that the culture of hip hop is resonating in China, and this is the perfect record to bridge our two cultures. It’s always more exciting for me to be involved with a song like this one; one that touches on topics everyone relates to…how people are judged verses how we all should be judged…let’s paint everyone the color GOD” he says proudly.

LA Rapper/Producer, Mike Rebel, further spoke on the collaboration; “We are children of the universe, made from stars…we are formed from light and made perfect. This is a message for the world so we decided to give it to the world. I brought this concept to Wang Yi Tai and T-Pain, two artists from different parts of the world who’s music speaks for itself. Hip hop is the language of the world’s youth. I want my music to be for everyone, no matter what race or what language they speak. Our problems are the same, so our medicine is the same. If you must judge me when you see me, if you have to paint me a color, then PAINT ME IN GOD!”

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Tyga & Nipsey Hussle Join Mike Rebel On His New Mixtape “HYG.LA”

West coast lyricist Mike Rebel has certainly made his impact felt in 2018 with a pair of stellar releases featuring both French Montana and T-Pain respectively. This is in addition to the strong catalog of music he has released in years prior. Today, Mike Rebel ups the ante in grand fashion as he unveils his debut mixtape titled HYG.LA, which stands for Here You Go Los Angeles. The 13-track tape features Rebel’s trademark brand of lyricism meshed with his pro-resistance message; all of which is draped in west coast culture. The LA-bred MC also enlists hometown notables Tyga and Nipsey Hussle amongst others for this gritty project filled with hard-hitting beats and street tales of LA life. 

Twitter: @MikeRebelMusic

T-Pain Joins Mike Rebel For His Latest Visual, “Paint Me In God”

South Central, LA native Mike Rebel is one who takes his artistry very seriously. This is evidenced by his countless hours in the studio, putting in the hours to master his craft. Mike’s creativity and work ethic has most certainly been noticed by his peers considering that his forthcoming album features guest appearances by French Montana, Cee-Lo, Nelly, Nipsey Hussle, Gucci Mane as well as production from Cool N Dre and Mike Rebel himself behind the boards.
Yielding inspiration from his real-life experiences, Mike Rebel looks to share his vision with the world and on his brand new single “Paint Me In God,” he is joined by T-Pain as the two remove the labels that society has placed on them, instead opting to see themselves through their own eyes, painting on their own canvas. The timing of the release is equally as important as the message, with Mike sharing: “We were actually going to hold Paint Me In God for a later release but when I saw the H&M ad, I felt it whether it was intentional or not, they were insensitive to the way people are pained in society. So paint me in gold if you’re going to paint me but I’d rather you paint me in God.” Check out the visual and be on the lookout for Mike Rebel’s soon-to-be-released album due for release in 2018.