Izzy Strange – Izzy Duz It (Mixtape)

Pennsylvanian emcee Izzy Strange proudly presents his 11 track mixtape effort, “Izzy Duz It”. The title serves as a double entendre, inspired by Eazy-E’s explicit debut project and showcasing Izzy’s ability to create multifaceted music that spreads over a multitude of genres.

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Izzy Strange feat. Mick Jenkins – Halfway Crooks (Produced By Nate Fox)

When it comes to achievements and success, the journey is far from an easy task to complete. It’s all or nothing in this game called life, there is no in between. Pennsylvanian emcee Izzy Strange once again combines lyrical forces with Chicago’s Mick Jenkins to enforce a term made notorious by the infamous Mobb Deep on their breakout track, “Shook Ones Pt. 2”. On this eerie, nineties themed instrumental crafted by Grammy Award winning producer Nate Fox, Izzy and Mick inform listeners that there’s still no such thing as “Halfway Crooks”. 
Leaving underachievers shook, the hook aggressively encourages people to quit crying about the cards they are dealt. Instead of whining about the odds, Strange and Jenkins urge us to continue giving it all we have until our last breath has been taken. The song concludes with DJ Halo cutting up key lines from both artists’ verses, a perfect touch to end things off on.
“Halfway Crooks” is the second release from Izzy Strange’s forthcoming mixtape, “Izzy Duz It”, which is set to drop this Halloween, October 31st. The first single was the eclectic “Just Me”, a soulful release that featured underground legend Blu and rising Pennsylvania single, Sara Fox. The mixtape title was inspired by the late Eazy E’s debut album, “Eazy-Duz-It”, and will also boast features from  Tedy Andreas, Nacho Picasso, and more. “Izzy Duz It” will also be served as a precursor to his next full length album, “The Die Is Cast”, set to release sometime in 2019.

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Izzy Strange feat. Blu & Sara Fox – Just Me

Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange maneuvers the course of life on the soulfully charged, Mayeniac & Leauxfi produced, “Just Me”. The loose single carries a hard hitting feature from Blu, marking this as their second official collab preceded by 2017’s “At Home”. Local PA vocalist Sara Fox also makes her official musical debut, slaying the chorus with a zero nonsense tone.
The center core of “Just Me” is about the cycle of life. Between loved ones and just the way the world changes from birth to death. As a child, everything seems new and hopeful. Then as we grow older, people tend to become more cynical. Sometime’s along the way, we lose ourselves in the pursuit of success and other vices. Both Izzy and Blu offer up their own personal introspective on the matters and much more on this jazzy infused tune.
Strange was inspired to write this song by driving through his hometown and just remembering buildings or storefronts that no longer exist. Then in turn, comparing that to the people that have came and went forethought his life span. The mantra of “Born alone, Die alone” also came to mind when penning the single.
“Just Me” is a loose single aimed at Izzy‘s fans as a thank you for voting him onto victory in week 3 of the A3C 2018 “This Is My Year” contest, making him an official A3C artist for the upcoming October event. It’s also meant to keep his steadfast campaign trail blazing hot until his next official release, “Halfway Crooks”, featuring Mick Jenkins. “Just Me” can be heard on Soundcloud and other digital streaming platforms.
Stay tuned to Izzy‘s official website www.izzystrangeraps.com for further updates and announcements.

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Video: Izzy Strange ft. Tahlyn – Televised | @ishestrange

Izzy Strange returns with a Geoffrey Ladd directed video for “Televised” featuring the vocal workings of Tahlyn and outer world production from Casa Nada

“Televised” plays on the outlook of society’s social media dependency and the instant gratification age we are currently living in. With the way things move so rapidly across the internet these days, we’re seeing more controversial material and people becoming viral sensations overnight. With that comes the flood of individuals willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their fifteen minutes of social media fame. Slowly but surely, we’re starting to see people detach from real life and submerse themselves into a reality world circa the Bruce Willis’ “Surrogates” realm. Izzy attacks these points and much more on “Televised”.

Casa Nada provides the soundscape with Tahlyn sharing chorus duty with Strange as he chants “televised, televised, mom I think we made it / 80 likes on Facebook, I think we’re fucking famous”. The video takes the song concept even further. We find Izzy playing a live set to an empty venue while everyone tunes in via a Facebook Live stream of the show. The video focuses on a few of these stream viewers lives. Ultimately summing up the downside of social media platforms and the disconnection from actual real life interactions. The Rock and Hip Hop hybrid is yet another introspective based singles from the Pennsylvania emcee as he continues to tour and work on his next album, “The Die Is Cast”. Thus far, “Televised” has amassed over 22k views on Izzy’s Facebook page and continues to garner views.

This won’t be the last we hear from the official 2018 A3C artist this year either. He plans to release two new singles, one featuring 2009 XXL Freshman Blu and the second featuring Mick Jenkins of “The Healing Component” fame. This will mark the second collaborative effort Strange has had with the emcees, the first outings were featured on his sophomore album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy“. While awaiting the upcoming releases, enjoy the official video for “Televised” here.

Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange links with Eligh featured and produced single “Holding On To Pain”

Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange follows up last month’s “Wolverine” release with the Eligh featured and produced, “Holding On To Pain” single.
The single is the second release from the forthcoming “Strange Crow” EP, a collaboration project between Strange and the Living Legends alum. Since releasing his acclaimed sophomore album “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” last year, Izzy has been working rigorously on all new content and is the process of staging a mutli-city tour this year. While creating new music, the lyricist began experimenting with different sounds in which the “Holding On To Pain” record came into existence. Danny G also gets his hands wet on the production side of things, adding in ultra bluesy guitar parts to further the deep feelings of the track.
In the song, Izzy and Eligh speak about the adverse effects of what holding on to pain can cause such as low self esteem, suicidal thoughts and hatred. The duo also offer up aspects of what the positive sides are when we relinquish said pain. Ultimately, it’s up to the listener to decide which path they will choose to take in a similar situation. “Holding On To Pain” is available for streaming via Soundcloud.

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Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange Recruits Blu For New Visual “At Home”

Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange continues to impress fans and critics alike with his sophomore album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy”. For his fourth video installment from the album, he teams with California legend Blu for their “At Home” collaboration. When combined together, we get an explosive dose of east and west coast lyricism. Listen in as Izzy and Blu utterly destroy feeble minded emcees with a simple stroke of a pen. They split verses while trading the microphone back and forth on the hook. The single also doubles as a formal introduction to those unfamiliar to Strange’s discography.

Nate Fox handles the production duties once again, going above and beyond to create a classic yet unique sound. He further proves why his production has earned him a covenant Grammy Award. Joshua Thomas tends to the lens and captures the essence of their Venice Beach experience with the 2009 XXL Freshman. Speaking of which, Blu is currently on the road touring alongside Exile for the tenth anniversary of their “Below The Heavens” project. Visit Ticketfly to view their upcoming tour dates here.

Enjoy the ocean side views and witty wordplay of “At Home”. Also make sure to check out Strange’s “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” album on any major streaming platform.

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Izzy Strange – No One But Me Ft Mick Jenkins (Prod By Nate Fox)


Izzy Strange unleashes his sixth and final release from his forthcoming album “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” and teams alongside prominent Chicago artist, Mick Jenkins. With the seasons starting to turn over to a warmer setting, the Beasley’s Corner Bodega founder takes aim to create a song perfectly fit for the temperature change. Izzy contracts fellow Scottdale native and co-collaborator Nate Fox (of Chance the Rapper’s Social Experiment) for this Jazz-infused hit sure to get your head nodding. Listen and purchase “No One But Me” below and make sure to mark your calendars for May 2nd, when Izzy debuts the new album.


Izzy Strange ft. Mike Incite – God’s Got A Gun | @ishestrange

With the aid of Josh “Zeus” ThomasIzzy Strange portrays a story of a saint and sinner and how two separate lives come to a bitter crossroad in his latest single.

With producer Casa Nova manning the soundscape, the pair paint a vividly detailed piece of conceptual art. Blending in interpolations from Al Pacino’s character from “The Devil’s Advocate” and live guitar parts gives it just the right edginess for such a song. It was created with multiple concepts in mind and is in no way a stab at God or religion, as Izzy previously stated. Mike Incite appears in the chorus line that’s blended into a low-octave vocal edit. With the audio and video combined, viewers are treated to a motion picturesque event.

This video release marks the fifth overall drop from the upcoming album that’s littered with guest features from the likes of ElighOpen Mike EagleBlu and others. The Beasley’s Corner Bodega founder also announced the sixth and final single from the album will feature his biggest collab yet alongside explosive Chicago artist, Mick Jenkins. That song is set to debut March 7th, make sure to stay tuned for that.