#Exclusive: Mister Cee Talks Hot 97, Family, & Being Busted w/ Transsexuals

Renowned producer DJ Mister Cee granted HipHopMyWay authentic insight into his thoughts during a recent interview. The turntablist/radio personality, celebrated for his work on Biggie’s Ready to Die, has invested his life into his work.

Just as his work with Hot 97 was coming to an end, the veteran DJ’s private dealings came crashing into the public eye. During the interview he details everything from him prepping to leave Hot 97 (and how he resigned during a live broadcast), fearing the unknown, accepting his sexual urges, and sharing his supportive family’s reactions to his “situations.”

At peace with his decisions, the DJ speaks candidly about his interactions with the transsexual community, “Getting fellatio – from a transsexual – was the only activity that i was involved in. I never had sex with a man or sex with a transsexual. I never did that… Where I’m at now with it is that, um, I still go to therapy. And do I get the urge to still want to do it? Absolutely. Have I been involved in it? Absolutely not.”