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greg owens –

#SoundsOnACloud: Hottest Blog Tracks Online #NBADraftDayEdition

This is installment three of #SoundsOnACloud Presented by PreciseEarz. This installment is to showcase up and coming talent that has their music uploaded on soundcloud. Which is the number 1 upload site for all indie artist worldwide. We do come across a lot of music since we do run a blog site. These artist who are featured on this 1st installment may be known and some may not be known. Either way its all good music.


Khufa came out of nowhere. Just like this track it came out of nowhere. But what I can say its a banger. On top of that its all
over the net right now. picked up on the track and its hasnt stop putting up numbers. The track is called “Malice” check it out below.


OGG member Larry June set the net on fire earlier this month with his track “Glock 40” which featured on Rock Smith project “OGG Everlasting” With just dropping his latest project “Larry Bird” via soundcloud. Larry June seems to have next in Atlanta.


Greg Owens is like the gentlemen of hip hop. Imagine if John Legend was a rapper. His very dapper style and delivery makes him a professional. He has been working on building his brand for a couple of years now. Coming from Chicago and bringing a different energy can be challenging. Chicago is known for drill music. His new track which has a video to it “There 4 U” is going viral. It can now be found on DJ Holiday webite.


Maui Max has a sound that’ll catch your ear. His flow sounds influenced alot by the west coast. His track “OG” caught alot of attention this year so far. Also he dropped his newest video “Movin”


Nebu Kiniza has a buzz like no other artist. His flow and brand is very original. I have no clue why his track “Myself” feat KEY! and ILoveMakonnen hasnt caught on yet. But this is a summertime anthem forsure. Nebu has been grinding for a while and he has a banger on his hands. The track is putting up number online via soundcloud. Check it out below.


#PreciseSoundz: @GregOwens614 – There 4 U (feat. J-Von Barginear) [Prod. by Greg Owens]

DSC_0043 copy

This is one groovy track. Im talking grown man college music. Musician, producer, recording artist and song writer from Columbus OH. Greg Owens is putting soul and class to his music. This track “There 4 U” makes me want to grab my special lady. The beat is something that sounds like elevator music. Or maybe when your in the 2 door coupe with your special lady. Greg Owens finds a grown man flow all on the track. J-Von Barginear brings that John Legend vibe to the track. This track goes out to all the classy women out there. Taking care of your business and keeping it professional. I hear Greg Owens is in talks of shooting a music video. I really hope it’s for this track. Check it out below. By the way this guy is a sick producer!