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DRAM – The Lay Down (feat. H.E.R. & Watt)

DRAM brings along H.E.R. and Watt for his new single “The Lay Down”.


D.R.A.M. Talks About Vanessa Carlton’s Inspiration for “Broccoli” in Noisey’s People VS



During this short episode, D.R.A.M. addresses the comments about the women featured in the video and shows his love for a voluptuous booty. Noisey and Big Baby D.R.A.M. discover whether twerking and rap will help kids eat their veggies while he reveals his mom’s recipe on how to make broccoli tasty. The rapper also admits that the moving piano was indeed inspired by Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” video. With a combination of Yo Momma insults and hilarious comebacks, D.R.A.M. speaks on the innuendos of the term “broccoli” and gives the final words of “respect yourself, love yourself and know what you’re doing.”

#WTF: Drake Allegedly Hospitalized After Nightclub Brawl vs. Diddy

Allegations that “Bad Boy” CEO Diddy squared off with OVO founder Drake flooded Twitter early this morning, December 8th. While the rumors haven’t been confirmed by Diddy or Drake, DJ Sam Sneak, DJ Ace, and comedic actor Lil Duval have all confirmed that Diddy hooked off on Drake.

According to DJ Ace, the altercation occurred outside the back exit of LIV Nightclub in Miami, Florida. Details on the actual fight are scarce, but Diddy definitely tried to put hands on the “Started From The Bottom” rapper. DJ Ace claims that he saw “@drake get slapped by @iamdiddy outside the back of LIV with my own eyes,” while Twitter user “@CocaineNoHoney” claims that Diddy hit Drake with the “take that, take that move.”

DJ Sam Sneak claims that the altercation was more serious than a simple slap in the face. According to him, Diddy hit Drake with a “3 piece” combination, and the end result from the entire rumble was Drake being checked into the hospital after suffering a dislocated shoulder. @CocaineNoHoney also claims that one of Diddy’s security guards was hit with a Ciroc bottle by someone from Drake’s OVO crew after Diddy landed the initial punch.

Lil Duval sent fans into a frenzy after he trolled the situation and jokingly tweeted that Diddy hit Drake because he was trying to spit game to Cassy. Duval later clarified that he was only joking about that being the cause of the altercation. We’ll keep you updated as more details surface from the fight between Diddy and Drake, but for now, check out the tweets surrounding the confrontation above.

Source: Twitter/Vladtv