Jaydee Dailey is a true talented artist. She’s a free spirit, creative and is an artistic Nusoul artist with several different talents. She’s the full package. Creativity is life for Jaydee. Spiritual growth, positive energy and healing through music is inspiring for Jaydee and plays a huge role in growing her career.

“Why try to find yourself, when you can create yourself?” – JD

We had a chance to sit down with Jaydee to talk about her recently released album and the obstacles she faced along the way.

Tell us about your latest project?

Fxded, also known as BrokenClocksofTime, is currently available on SoundCloud.

Music saved my life, literally. Before I started my most recent project, FxDED (BrokenClocksofTime), I was anti-sober, self-destructing, not to mention I was doing so at a devastatingly self-deteriorating pace. My latest project is exciting because it is my first project. I wrote a song about grieving for my brother who passed away in 2016 of December. After a rough year of drinking liquor by the bottle, breakdowns, pushing everyone away, and destroying every ounce of life in myself, I was resurrected. I visited my brothers grave for the first time, and it inspired me to write Broken Clocks of Time, which is how I got inspiration for the project. I felt that fire spark again. I had completely stopped living life and checked out when he passed away. When I found passion and life through music for the first time since he passed away, I knew that I would create myself again. It was a miracle because, I felt hope and faith, which had felt so far way moments before. I may not be the same person I was before all of this happened, but I have found to love the person I am. My supporters have really helped me realized how much music can give a person power and healing.

“No more locked door singing”

What was the most difficult thing you faced while making your album?

I would have to say my biggest challenge was finding a balance. A balance which would give my music career progression and success without depleting my character in the process. I needed to constantly remind myself to not move as fast as my brain works. I have diversity and talent with being new in the music industry, which people will take advantage of if I allow them to. It’s hard to turn down opportunities that are dope and could be beneficial for my music exposure, especially when they involve promising rewards. I often remind myself that not all opportunities available, even the ones that are dope and legit are wise choices for my future. I learned with time I had to be diligent, patient, positive, and encouraged through times that may feel discouraging. I don’t want to look back wishing I had done things differently, signed to a label with a terrible deal, or worse even, just because I didn’t have enough patience to remember my intelligence. I love music, I love myself, and I love my supporters too much to not be wise enough to make it up the top of every chart in the right way.

How would you describe your music?

I sing about experiences, things people can relate to, and I always try to keep my voice and lyrics raw and vulnerable so it has that authenticity. It gives a sense of nostalgia, euphoric almost, while it still portrays sensual and soft vibes, but yet has an edginess to it. I love that my music can portray a soulful chill vibe for people to feel soothed simply by my voice, it’s a rewarding feeling for me when many people say they find my music healing.

Who are some people you’re influenced by?

I would have to say my biggest influence is a dope artist, 7 a.m., who released Sober, around the time I started my project. He ended up becoming my producer, engineer, and best friend throughout the project and helped me gain confidence, knowledge, dope beats, and we collaborated on a lot of tracks that I still listen to every day. He is one of my biggest influences because of how much effort and time he put into believing in me and pushing me to be my best version of myself as an artist and person.

Tell us a success story about a time you feared something but you’ve overcame it?

I feared not being able to reach all the high expectations that I set for myself. That I would put myself out there, being honest about all I went through, because it’s so personal, and no one would understand. I am glad that I don’t let fear run my life, because people have shown me support, understanding, and love ever since I dropped, FxDED. I got to heal through music, and I now see that my music gives other people a similar chance in a different way.

Would you collaborate with another female MC? If so, who would you want to collaborate with?

I would collaborate with Queen Latifah. She has multiple talents like I do. Since I sing, act, model, paint, etc., I feel she has a lot of wisdom and a free spirit. She always sends a message through her music, and keeps things with class. I respect her career and how she carries herself. She has a good sense of humor as well. I feel if her and I collaborated, it would be epic, for the simplicity of how different and yet alike we are.




Bakersfield, CA. hasn’t made too much noise, especially around the music scene. It’s literally tumbleweeds, dry cactus, Joshua trees and sand in that city. Cartier decided to shake up some things in that area by releasing his latest track, “One Up”. Better yet, lets call it the high desert Summer get down, that everybody can dance to.

Cartier wants the streets to know that he’s one up.

Mistro – Buddy Pass



All Hail The Mistro. Andrew “Mistro” Ferrell Is the head of the Doe Aviatorz production crewAviatorz and Chicago’s next legend. “Buddy Pass” is Mistro’s millennial take on the magnum opus. The project highlights the best talent, hip-hop has to offer from Josh’s “Las Vegas” to Mayes’ “Coupe Deville”. Ferrell’s project has the mark of a true star; molding and crafting talent instead of relying on star power to buttress the records. “Buddy Pass” is like owning your dream car and driving in perfect weather; the experience you’ve been waiting for but never thought would come to life. Put on your sunglasses, strap yourself in and get ready for the album of the summer.

R-Mean – Pictures feat. Joe Budden

(Los Angeles) May 29, 2017 – Mean Monday’s continues to drive interest nationwide. This week R-Mean enlists the support of fellow Cypher MC, Joe Budden. Joe joins the ranks along with The Game, Kxng Crooked and Compton Menace for the 22nd week of 52 Mean Mondays series. Pictures gives a closer look into the life of R-Mean, reflecting on the first time he got into a fight, and how that impacted his life. He further speaks of his parents as refugees and how he never had a Father figure.
“I rap about real sh*t;” says the Armenian American rapper, “all the hype associated with industry glitz and glamor ceases to move my soul. Hand me a mic and a notepad, I’m good.

Cosmo -Thinking of You

Cosmo is a vocalist, rapper, and songwriter from Toronto Canada. Cosmo is making his 2017 debut with his first single ‘Thinking of You’. Cosmo eases listeners into the sensual and hot, soulful grooves that leave without fail arouse audiences the sultry images the singer, rapper and songwriter have provided in his vocals and rapping. The Toronto-based artist has concocted many hip-hop hits with contagious hooks and playful lyrics, which will stay etched in the listener’s mind long after the courses have stopped spinning. Listeners will definitely be pulled in by Cosmos track’s hard-hitting, tenacious lyrics. Cosmo will be proving the world that he is on his way with his incredible writing skills and talent and proving that, if given the chance, he can be the next hit music sensation. He is demonstrating that he has the talent and drive to take the music world by storm.


Lee Master C – “Do It”

Lee Master C is a 23-year-old music artist from Montreal. Lee grew up in the downtown projects of the city and is of Haitian decent. A multi-talented hustler with many projects on the go, Lee Founded his own label (M.I.C.) and recently opened up M.I.C Pictures, a video directing company, as well as, M.I.C Comedy; all subsidiaries of Microphone In Control (M.I.C).
Riding high on the release of his latest self-produced single ”Do It.” The emcee/producer’s latest single is an homage to his father who recently passed, as well as one of Lee Master C’s biggest inspirations, Stevie Wonder. “Do It” is off of his upcoming EP called Calm Before the Storm.
The visuals for the single were shot in Montreal and directed by Dave A. Joseph. Be on the lookout for new music and visuals coming soon!

Slim 400 – Foe Block 2

YG & 400 record’s presents the Franchise player “Slim 400″ wit his long awaited follow up ” FOE BLOCK 2″ ft. “Trae tha Truth” fellow Compton 1st. Rounder “Compton AV” an More!!!! Available Now on Apple music, TidaI iTunes, https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/foe-block-2/id1213601527 so whether you heard him with YG on LHHATL or the FDT(F Donald Trump) tour…. now just play an ride out with the 4hunnid movement representative an kick it with him on day a via Twitter (@officialslim400) or via IG (@slim400blk)

Listen to Foe Block 2 Here[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/308192864″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Bang Life Bidness – Red & Blue Makes Green


On the eve of the recent controversy between the #souljahboy & #ChrisBrown there have been questions surrounding the west coast the politics between Red ? & Blue ? a how to reach the goal which is to make “Green” ? so join rapper “Lost God” (@lostgodtne) as he locks in with the team @rapstatus (rapstatus.com) to take on a journey through the hoods, sets of L.A. (Compton, south central, watts etc.) choppin it up with such west coast icons like #YG #NipseyHussle, #TheGame, #GlassesMalone, #slim400 #joemoses #Sugeknght and more!!!! Also with Atl west coast affiliate #Wakaflocka so hit play & ride out with the”LostGod” & #Rapstatus.com make sure you keep in touch with the movement via Twitter @lostgodtne IG @LOSTGOD1618 TWITTER/IG @rapstatus

Compton’s Buck – “That’s Gangsta” (Video)



I know you didn’t think with all this talk of the “Hub City” Compton and the Mayor of Compton wouldn’t chime in with a word or two…..in the mist of the poor representation of the city. Compton’s Buck aka Billionaire Buck is here with a visual on what is Gangsta….Giving a step by step on the thoughts and the day 2 day function of a Compton Bompton Gangsta so hit play and ride out with the real Westside of Compton City G then hit the itunes (http://tinyurl.com/j5n2x8e) and cop that, also kick it with buck on a daily via Twitter @comptonsbuck and IG @billionaire_buck_