Producer Baileys Brown Recruits Stinkin Slumrok, Datkid, Lee Scott and More For New LP “Still Fresh”

Potent Funk are extremely proud to bring you their latest release, from producer Baileys Brown – a driving force on the UK hip hop scene and beyond.
Still Fresh has already spawned a number of acclaimed singles – Horse’s Mouth, Reeboks and most recently Gimme, which saw its video premiere over on Trench Magazine – as well as a competition in conjunction with Brapp, giving up and coming MCs the chance to win an appearance on the Gimme’s official remix.

Baileys Brown has made a name for himself as a producer who is willing to take risks and make moves into territories outside hip hop’s more traditional sounds. As you would expect with an artist of Baileys’ calibre and notoriety, Still Fresh boasts an impressive list  of features. Stinkin Slumrok, Datkid, Anbu, Jinxsta JX, Juga-Naut, Hozay, Bil Next, Jay0117, Dabbla, Lee Scott, Bogues, Jordan Nathaniel, LY, Wish Master, Vard and Baileys’ partner in crime, Bew Bonik all step up to the plate, bringing with them a diverse range of flows and flavours. There are also notable appearances from Baileys Brown’s rapping alter-ego, Axel Holy.

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Baileys Brown Enlists Dabbla And Datkid For ‘Gimme’ The Third Video Off The Forthcoming ‘Still Fresh’ LP

We’re now in the penultimate month before the full release of Baileys Brown’s Still Fresh LP is unleashed and in preparation, the Bristol-based producer has unveiled the next single from the album.

Gimme is a grimy venture into the minds of two of the UK’s best lyricists, complete with distorted vocals and sealed off with Brown’s inimitable approach to production. It is yet another jewel in the crown of a producer who refuses to adhere to the rules and regulations that genre titles attempt to impose on the music.

Both Datkid and Dabbla construct some of their finest bars on the track, which says a lot for two MCs as prolific as they are. The verses unravel at a rapid rate, the ideal delivery for the production they are lacing.

In conjunction with Gimme’s release, Potent Funk have teamed up with pocket studio app, Brapp, to offer MCs the chance to get themselves a verse on the official remix. All they need to do to enter is follow the link below and use the app to record their verse over a snippet from the track. More info

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