Rag’N’Bone Man joins Dabbla In ’90s Console Chaos Visual “Tweeters”

Dripping in nostalgia, the ‘Tweeters’ video shows Dabbz and Ragz getting sucked into a retro console, to land in Pac-Man, Crash Bandicoot and Mario Kart. Fuck 8-bit, this is 4K.

It’s taken one man two years to craft a fully CGI universe for the animated amigos to play around in. It took so long partly because Rag’n’Bone Man got a face tat half way through the process, so everything had to be rendered again, from scratch.

The video celebrates a year since the release of Death Moves, Dabbla’s debut LP on his own imprint, Potent Funk.

In the music video from George Telis, the digital duo complete the classic games from inside the broken system. But when the games are over, live action Dabbz and Ragz are back in control of the joysticks. Their animated bedroom was tirelessly designed to be truthful to any 90s kid’s cave. Drawn from old photos and hazy memories, the room features a Walkman, trading cards, and an original Game Boy.

Dabbla’s third solo album is just around the corner, but stream Death Moves now, or cop physical copies before the holy waters run dry.

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Baileys Brown Enlists Dabbla And Datkid For ‘Gimme’ The Third Video Off The Forthcoming ‘Still Fresh’ LP

We’re now in the penultimate month before the full release of Baileys Brown’s Still Fresh LP is unleashed and in preparation, the Bristol-based producer has unveiled the next single from the album.

Gimme is a grimy venture into the minds of two of the UK’s best lyricists, complete with distorted vocals and sealed off with Brown’s inimitable approach to production. It is yet another jewel in the crown of a producer who refuses to adhere to the rules and regulations that genre titles attempt to impose on the music.

Both Datkid and Dabbla construct some of their finest bars on the track, which says a lot for two MCs as prolific as they are. The verses unravel at a rapid rate, the ideal delivery for the production they are lacing.

In conjunction with Gimme’s release, Potent Funk have teamed up with pocket studio app, Brapp, to offer MCs the chance to get themselves a verse on the official remix. All they need to do to enter is follow the link below and use the app to record their verse over a snippet from the track. More info

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UK hip hop pioneer Dabbla befriends space robot in Nevada Desert for cinematic new video for ‘Fuck up the Dance’

As premiered on Complex, ‘F.U.T.D’ is the newest single to be dropped in quickfire succession from Dabbla, and accompanies the official press release for his much anticipated second LP, ‘Death Moves’.

A straight follow up to the short track and video ‘Vines’ that was released earlier this July, Pose Works have ensured that the video for F.U.T.D also features DBLA, the tiny robot attempting to unravel the mysteries of planet earth and its inhabitants. Producer-in-chief Sumgii shoves you straight into that Potent Funk portal, rolling out a dark, bass-face special for Dabbla, who himself sets about the beat, diligently working his hybrid rap champion rhymestyle.

The official release date for F.U.T.D and its accompanying Pose Works rendered animation, which is, to say the very least, a masterful celebration of CGI at its finest, is not until 24th August, so for now just enjoy the audio and crank the dial to the max!

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