#SneakDiss: Ciara Takes Shots at Future in Emotional New Song “I Bet”

Since Ciara had her son and she and Future split due to alleged infidelity on his part, the talented singer/dancer has remained rather quiet and strayed from the spotlight. However, after giving it some time to let her emotional wounds heal, she’s come back with a new single titled “I Bet,” where she touches on their failed relationship and how he will come to regret taking her for granted.

Ciara referenced specific moments that they spent together in the song, such as their trip to Paris Fashion Week, and how he can keep the side woman that he may be with now whom Ciara described as “the one with the silicone ass and the Brazilian hair.” She also sang about how he’ll come to love her when he finds out that she’s moved on to loving another man.

Reunited: Ciara & Future Reportedly Get Back Together

While Ciara and Future reportedly split over infidelity on Future’s end, according to TMZ the couple is attempting to move forward with their relationship for the sake of their son, Future Zahir.

Cici is reportedly willing to overlook the past, as she claimed Future cheated while on tour and then broke off the engagement. Now she’s allegedly willing to work it out to avoid a shared parenting situation, wanting Future to be with his son as much as possible.

Do you think staying with someone for the sake of the kids is enough to keep a relationship alive? Sound off below.

Source: TMZ