Scum Gang is Here New York, Is Moving & Bizz-E Blaze Is Glowing In “No More” Video

SCUM GANG! New York’s own Bizz-E Blaze returns on the day as he unleashes a new visual for an unreleased wave that is sure to have you vibing! With SCUM GANG making noise globally right now, Bizz-E Blaze looks to provide you with some heat in a trippy visual for “No More” as he continues his rise to the top. It’s been long overdue for the FLATBUSH artist to get back to creating these movies, something that got Blaze to where he is today with his edgy and creative concepts (Heather/Fake Love, Who The Man, City Limits, RAW + More). With everything seeming to add up in his favor, a growing fan base that has kicked in to a higher gear as of late, Blaze is getting ready to set up for a MAJOR rollout of next level records, features, videos and waves. If you are unfamiliar with the artist, we suggest paying attention and doing your research, he’s been influencing & providing the wave for some of your favorite artists behind the scenes and it seems to only be up from here for the kid Bizz & Scum Gang.

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Twitter: @BizzEBlazE
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlazE

The Real SCUM GANG! BIZZ-E BLAZE Unleashes “BARDI” (Salute To Cardi B)

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Brief Description: Bizz-E BlazE has been on fire as of late, rising on up record after record in the past few months. It is only a matter of time before the entire world catches on to the Brooklyn native as the talent and catalog are certainly there. With many rappers trying to mimic waves and others lives in 2017, Bizz-E BlazE is still SCUMMIN, something that many (Rappers) have been trying to bite on in the industry lately. Life hasn’t been easy for the New York artist, growing up in Brooklyn, New York you deal with everyday street life, foolery, snakes, jakes and much more. Blaze has persevered and looks to carry New York on his back as he delivers day in and day out carrying the torch for his SCUM GANG team and the last of the real. Today he shows New York love as he drops a grimy new offering that is sure to have you turning your speakers up a bit whether it is before or after Bodak Yellow. An ode to Bardi AKA Cardi B or is it an ode to BAD females?! Regardless Bizz-E BlazE throws out a creative new record in which he claims all he needs is a BARDI! Mix the grimy production in with some heavy BARS and you got quite a record. Go follow Bizz-E Blaze on Instagram @TheFakeBizzEBlaze

Social Media
Twitter: @BizzEBlazE
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlazE

Man they switch up on you quick, no opinionated sh*t, they don’t want no Kapernicks! Bizz-E Blaze unleashes “BOOM” (Sprat Exclusive)

 SHEESH! New Bizz-E BlazE on the day courtesy of Sprat (@SpratFool). A hard hitting new exclusive that features Bizz-E Blaze laying a fury of bars down. Created in Atlanta during A3C a year ago to date, Blaze is able to predict the future in the 2nd verse when it comes to Colin Kapernick and even referencing in Mike Vick who has also entered into the conversation within the past few months. BlazE seems to be catching a wave as of late with his latest single “All Alone” masking a clean 430K+ on Spotify and 120K+ on Soundcloud. The new offering from Sprats vault is certainly nothing to sleep on as the young Brooklyn native ignites the K Beatz (Canada) produced record. Be on the lookout for more exclusive records from Sprat in the near future as he is set to deliver unheard gems from your favorite artists or soon to be favorites.
Quotable: “It ain’t really nothing to fuckin end up a VIC, one day you the shit and the next you Mike Vick, man they switch up on you quick, no opinionated shit, they don’t want no Kapernicks, you gonna lose those sponsorships”

Bizz-E Blaze Social Media
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlazE
Twitter: @BizzEBlazE
Producer: @IamKBeatz
Sprat Social Media
Twitter: @SpratFool
Instagram: @SpratFool

Brooklyn native Bizz-E BlazE drops off a wavy new single titled, “All Alone”

In a world full of artists looking to live the life of others, Blaze continues to differentiate himself in whatever he does. The rising Brooklyn native drops off a wavy new single titled, “All Alone” after releasing his previous track “Motivation” just a few months back. The new track finds the young Flatbush artist harmonizing over the hook that will have listeners and fans nodding and humming along. The production is by way of SM Tracks who delivers a mellow vibe on the instrumental. Give the song a listen and stay tuned for more music from SCUM GANGs finest, Bizz-E BlazE.

Official Spotify Link:

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Twitter: @BizzEBlaze

IG: @thefakebizzeblaze

Bizz-E BlazE – Do You

The melodic feel to this new single offering is enough to get you swaying side to side as you bump along to Bizz-E Blaze. The Brooklyn artist returns once again in a matter of months to provide more quality sound that showcases the artists talent, versatility and sense of reality. Choosing to spit about life over dreams, Blaze breaks down his Myles William produced feel good record titled, “Do You”. The new release catches the artist on the rise attack the powerful record with some real life bars as he looks to stray away from from those looking to bring him down, whether it be his own team, hate and/or real life situations. Bizz-E Blaze seems to be an artist with multitudes of creativity, breaking down his records into different stories, production breaking down to represent different vibes, the artist compiles a whole lot into one single record. Be on the lookout for more from Bizz-E Blaze as he looks to return with more heat for his fans within the next few weeks.

Twitter: @BizzEBlaze
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlaze

Brooklyn, New York Artist Bizz-E BlazE Drops “U Wit It?” Produced By K Beatz

Bizz-E Blaze
is back on the scene in 2017 with his second offering already! This time around the respected artist lets go of a new single titled, “U Wit It?”. Produced by talented producer K-Beatz, Blaze lets go of some sturdy bars to let you know just how Brooklyn the artist is, showing love to his hood and people. Blaze delivers on this one and continues to separate himself from the rest out of New York, with a signature tone and wave, the SCUM Gang leader has us looking out for more.

Twitter: @BizzEBlaze
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlaze

Bizz-E Blaze – “A-Way”

Bizz-E Blaze has been quiet for some time now since his strong project offering with ‘The SCUMUP’. Blaze looks to start off the new year heavy as always and has quite a decorated vault to unleash for his fans and new comers.




Bizz-E Blaze – BKMMDI (Official All Def Digital Video)

With over 8k+ plays in a day, Bizz-E looks to make some noise with this All Def Digital video directed by 2 Chainz videographer Joe Moore. Be on the lookout for more from Blaze and be sure to catch his latest project “The SCUMUP” just released a few weeks back. Revolt TV has also picked up the video and airing it on TV!

Twitter: @BizzEBlaze @YoungLordPunch
IG: @TheFakeBizzEBlaze

BIZZ-E BLAZE – The SCUMUP (Official Project) + All Def Digital Announcement

The scumup artwork 2 official

Bizz-E Blaze continues his insurgence into the game, with that said allow us to introduce you to ‘The SCUMUP’. A 13 track offering from Bizz-E Blaze that is sure to have you throw him in your top list out. With records such as BKMMDI, Forever, FastLife, Gold Glo, So Ready, Blaze really makes it hard for you to choose one record as your favorite. The entire project as a whole is in its own lane, Blaze is not your typical New York rapper and he certainly is not from down south, the music creates a mood, a vibe, an emotion and is universal. Whether you are excited as hell, having a terrible day or on the move, we guarantee you will find a record to fit the exact mood you are in on this gift. With serious production from K Beatz, Mirz, Myles William, OnlyBangerz, Jay Dot and more, Blaze pulls together an evolved piece of work that sheds lights of not only whats to come, but how far he has come. With Bizz-E Blaze and All Def Digital working together come May, you can certainly expect the young Brooklyn artist to make a widely recognized name this year.

Twitter: @BizzEBlaze
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlaze
Location: Brooklyn, New York

BIZZ-E BLAZE – Forever (Prod. By OnlyBangerz) The SCUMUP

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Bizz-E Blaze returns yet again to drop off one last offering before he releases his highly anticipated project ‘The SCUMUP’ this Thursday. We just premiered this new record on ThisIs50 and Bizz-E Blaze is to follow the project with a series roll out of major features. All Def Digital has picked up a video we have in the vault for a push after the project and Revolt TV is going to do their thing with the visual on a TV aspect.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Twitter: @BizzEBlaze
IG: @TheFakeBizzEBlaze