Stunning Neo Soul Singer Hadassah Releases New EP “Flexinmydemons

New York, NY – Stunning neo-soul singer Hadassah has debuted her new EP Flexinmydemons today exclusively via Mass Appeal. Hadassah says of the EP, “The project was a self-reflective journey. Through stream-of-consciousness writing I was able to take a look at myself and explore self-love, toxic love, doubt. I wanted the project to make it clear that we all deal with demons and not to be ashamed.”

Hadassah’s last EP Oakmere Drive reached over 150k plays on SoundCloud when it was released early last year, receiving insightful coverage from The Fader. In October, Hadassah was asked to audition for FOX’s new singing competition The Four, but after receiving a callback for the second round, she realized that she wanted to pursue her original music, and opted instead to focus on the release of Flexinmydemons. Good Music All Day recently said of Flexinmydemons, “Hadassah truly lends her entire heart and soul to the listener on this album. Similar to SZA’s last album CTRL, Flexinmydemons excels when it is just Hadassah’s voice in a syncopated pattern.”

Bio –

Hadassah started singing from a young age, keeping a diary of songs she would write. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, she chose to return to her passions and commit to music entirely, releasing two EPs, Lexicon of Love, and Lead Balloon. Following her mother’s death, she delved deeper into her art and released her latest EP, Oakmere Drive, earlier this year. The EP is laced with nostalgic undertones, combining dark stories with beautiful musical aesthetics and imagery. True to her artistry, Oakmere Drive is a play with duality, of light and dark, balancing heavy themes with minimalist vibes paralleled with a muted melancholic rhythm. Ever since losing her parents, Hadassah made it her mission to honor her family and connect with her community through music.




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