Ro Ransom Releases Cinematic “Wraith” Video

Ro Ransom released the video for his latest single, “Wraith.” Directed Bobby Hanaford, the video is a cinematic continuation of the video for Ro Ransom’s breakthrough single, “See Me Fall.” As fans might recall, the “See Me Fall” video captured Ro being forced to ingest an experimental new drug called mauve. In the new video that dropped today, Ro is now hustling mauve. Tune in here to see what goes down. The “Wraith” video follows up the recent release of Ro’s Sascha Amir-directed video for “Thong Song Freestyle” and his previous single “Floetry.”
mauve (n): a psychotropic street drug; often found in the form of lavender liquid / gum. said to cause minor euphoric hallucination, unlock hidden potential and hyper-activate one’s ability to be in the present. mauve awakens subconscious intelligence and is known to affect the human charisma and abilities to understand, evaluate, remember, enjoy and seduce.

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