Rihanna Cover Released for New Issue of Garage Magazine

GARAGE Magazine reveals artist Deana Lawson’s first magazine cover and fashion project, featuring Rihanna. For this latest issue, the biannual’s fifteenth, GARAGE Magazine worked only with female-identifying photographers, including Lawson, Barbara Probst, Momo Okabe, Taryn Simon, and Justine Kurland. Through the lens of female image makers, GARAGE Magazine Issue 15 imagines “The Human Future” populated by powerful, beautiful, and innovative concepts. From robots to science fiction, the new issue affirms the relevance of humanity in a nebulous, technological future.

“Every imagemaker who picked up a camera for Issue 15 is a woman, and those women took us to Nigeria, Sweden, California, Tokyo, and Harlem, among other locations,” said Mark Guiducci, GARAGE Magazine Editor in Chief. “We had our eyes fixed solidly on the future for this issue—a future that is robotic, artificially intelligent, global, a great responsibility, and a huge mess. A future that is also, in other words, human. Rihanna is perhaps our most human of pop idols—unguarded, miraculously vital, perfect in her imperfections—making her the consummate subject for Deana.”

In celebration of Deana Lawson’s cover, a limited edition of five-hundred hardbound copies of GARAGE Magazine Issue 15 will be exclusively for sale at Dover Street Market NYC starting September 6, 2018.

Photography by Deana Lawson. Courtesy of GARAGE Magazine


  • Artist Arthur Jafa interviews Lawson for a wide-ranging Q&A that accompanies Lawson’s portraits of Rihanna.

  • All original photography was shot by female-identifying photographers including BARBARA PROBST, MOMO OKABE, JUSTINE KURLAND, ANNIE POWERS, ESTELLE HANANIA, NADINE IJEWERE, RUTH OSSAI, CAROLYN DRAKE, and others.  

  • CGI influencer LIL MIQUELA photobombs paparazzi shots from yore and BINA48 speaks about being the world’s first humanoid robot designed to resemble an African American woman.

  • TARYN SIMON presents new photographs in conjunction with her MASS MoCA installation, A Cold Hole, in which subjects jump into a pool of freezing water. In a special artist commision, sculptor ANN AGEE renders models of the fashion world’s favorite footwear in ceramic.

  • Rare works by EVA HESSE, ANA MENDIETA, DOROTHEA ROCKBURNE, LYNDA BENGLIS, and HANNAH WILKE—from the little-seen 1996 exhibition More Than Minimal: Feminism and Abstraction in the 1970s at the Rose Art Museum in Massachusetts—are presented alongside works by contemporary female artists, among them DONNA HUANCA, AMY YAO, and DORA BUDOR.

  • A team of French teen gymnasts model MARINE SERRE’s futuristic bodysuits; and photographer RUTH OSSAI introduces the female stars of NOLLYWOOD, Nigeria’s traditionally male-dominated film industry.  

  • A conversation with Call Me By Your Name director LUCA GUADAGNINO on remaking the ballet horror classic Suspiria.

  • Essays by science fiction writer and Afrofuturist OCTAVIA E. BUTLER and best-selling novelist ALEXANDRA KLEEMAN; a short story from CARMEN MARIA MACHADO; and a philosophical essay about saying “no” to the future from poet ANNE BOYER.


Ann Agee, Therese Aldgard, Es Devlin, Francesca DiMattio, Carolyn Drake, Cécile B. Evans, Nadine Fraczkowski, Estelle Hanania, Nadine Ijewere, Rinko Kawauchi, Justine Kurland, Deana Lawson, Flo Ngala, Momo Okabe, Ruth Ossai, Annie Powers, Barbara Probst, Rachel Rose, Diane Russo, Taryn Simon, Arden Surdam, Tina Tyrell, Hannah Whitaker.


Shumon Basar, Alex Beggs, Derek Blasberg, Anne Boyer, Octavia E. Butler, Kyle Chayka, Christina Cacouris, Isabella Flower, Alexandra Foradas, Arthur Jafa, Nora Khan, Dean Kissick, Alexandra Kleeman, Sander Lak, Carmen Maria Machado, W. David Marx, Kathy Noble, Ali Pechman, Prudence Peifer, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Adébólá Ráyò, Alex Ronan, Lou Stoppard, Eliza Harper Wallace

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