No I.D. To Executive Produce Tobi Lou’s Debut Album

On the heels of the success of his viral release “Troop”, ArtClub International-signee, Tobi Lou, will have his debut album executive produced by the legendary No I.D.
We are excited about this pairing! When asked about the pending musical collaboration, Tobi stated, ​”I don’t think I even have the proper word that could legitimately describe how excited I am right now. Being from Chicago, ever since I heard Kanye [West] mention NoID on Last Call he’s been someone I’ve hoped to work with one day. And now it’s actually happening, so I guess the proper word is surreal, that’s how it feels.” Surreal.
The to-be-named album will also helm Tobi Lou, Taz Askew, and Tobi’s manager/A&R Derrick ‘Lottery’ Hardy as executive producers, and is slated to be released commercially summer 2018.

In the interim, you can ancipate the second installment of Tobi Lou’s ongoing series on April 27th. ​

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