#HillTopHYPE Exclusive | East Coast Collective ‘Covenant Government’ Talk Their: Newly Released ‘Annuit Coeptis’ Album, Goals For 2019, The Process Behind Working On A Group Project & MORE

ALBUM: Covenant Government – “Annuit Coeptis”

After just a week off of the release of their second collaborative group project, Annuit Coeptis, I tapped in with the Cov Gov team to talk about the response from their new album, their goals for the new year, and how they each feel about working in a group dynamic.

The Album, Annuit Coeptis — Latin for “Providence favors our undertakings” — is another spiritual and social honest piece from Cov Gov proving their versatile and vital approach to rap about the topics that often get lost in translation.

Always honest and transparent with their fans… here’s what the group had to say:

Describe the album, Aunnit Coeptis, in three words…

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Free-spirited; Fun-spirited; Progressive”
Nalo: “Lyrical; Diverse; and Classic

Now with that being said, what was the inspiration behind making the, Annuit Coeptis, project the official CØV group project?

Nalo: The collection of artists… each is great in their own lane. So to see us come together successfully is a good move for hip-hop as a whole.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “With politics becoming more synonymous with entertainment, it was only right that [we] as musicians make more music to reflect these times.”

You guys have always meshed well as a group, while also knowing how to separate your solo careers… how difficult — or easy was it getting every member on the same page for this group project? (Studio time, Tracklist Arrangement, Choosing an album cover, etc.)

Relz: “Whenever you have a collection of solo artists/different personalities with conflicting schedules – it’ll never be easy, because things might take a little longer than expected, or you may not agree on certain things. However, it teaches you how to compromise. That’s the beauty of being on a team… taking the different opinions in the creative process & then coming on one accord to create a masterpiece.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “OH BOY! It is heaven and hell! Always competitive! Mainly because we try to bring out the best in each other. Everybody has their own process, but no matter what the end result is always the most important part. When we disagree on details, we find common ground on the intentions. As far as the solo part, it’s easier to be free when you’re apart of a great collective.”

Young Scoop: It was fun for me to work on this project, I like the competition, but being in covenant, you do a verse one day and it’s gone the next.” – Scoop says jokingly.

Hazy: “Let’s just start off by saying – I hated the cover for the record; but everyone that listened to it likes it so far… I think the hardest part of doing group projects is that we’re in different states so scheduling is always going to be an issue with working on tracks.”

Be honest! What’s everyone’s favorite single on the album? 

Relz: “So much love!”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Spooky Times” because it has a menacing type of energy… Like a horror movie feel. Like the horror of reality.”

Young Scoop: “Sight..” telling people it’s more than what your two eyes see.”
Coincidentally Hazy agrees…
Hazy: Definitely “Spooky Times,” I should have been on that, right after Scoop.

I’m sure everyone is also wondering, when can we expect some new visuals from, Annuit Coeptis

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Coming sooner or never (said sarcastically).”

Just in 3 days, the project received more than 3,000 streams via Spotify. What are y’all numbers looking like now as we officially hit one week? — Was this response more or less than what you were expecting?

Sensei Feng Xhui: “We’re quickly approaching 10k. We knew the potential of the group as soon as we came together.”

Last, but not least! What’s next for Covenant Government? What major moves can we expect from the group and its’ members in 2019? 

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Young Scoop’s project is next! Then Relz! Then the rest of the squad! Y’all can expect more videos, more thoughts, more energy, more vibes, more content, and all of the above!”

Be sure to stay connected with Covenant Government as we wait for new music to come. 

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(Annuit Coeptis Available HERE)
Covenant Government

Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Steph Lecor Drops “Face”

“Face is truly a females’ anthem. It’s about getting dressed looking fly and most importantly being confident in your own skin.” Steph Lecor

Steph Lecor returns with Face, a beat heavy single that kicks off in time for her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami. Established prior to the show, as an artist on Poe Boy Records and We the Best Music, many are familiar with Steph’s music and her social outings in the hottest clubs within South Beach, Miami. As a native, Steph began
in 2012 becoming 1/3 of the EDM/Pop trio Kulture Shock. This new song, takes us back to that trap heavy, hip-hop, EDM wave..

As part of We the Best Music, Steph released her first debut single “Saturday” charting on Billboard at #38. Steph was also the host of Complex’s show “Her Take.” This was a web series sponsored by Champs retail store. Her debut album is slated to drop in a few months.

Social Media:
IG: @StephLecor

Press Play On 8 Track’s Brand New LP “Rewind”

After teasing us with “Childs Play” and “Circles,” in addition to performing a plethora of live shows throughout 2017, 8 Track liberates their highly anticipated LP Rewind. Described by the genre-bending DMV based collective as “the soundtrack of our lives over this past year…,” it features 12 unique yet cohesive cuts that will surely appeal to new and old fans alike.

8 Track on the project:
“The album opens up with candid clips of us just expressing our current state -whether it was a simple as wanting to go to the record store, as relatable as rent being due or as profound as recognizing moments in which our lives changed. Rewind tells these stories of overcoming personal struggles like in ‘Childs Play,’ dealing with relationship issues like in ‘BMW (Be My Woman),’ recognizing social issues within society like in ‘Family Ties’ and just exuding confidence in ‘Dope Game.’ All of this being done in 8 Track’s genre-jumping fashion that they describe as the sound of the times we live in.”
Stream the fresh body of work after the break and purchase it via iTunes here. Expect matching visuals to follow soon!

Twitter: @WeAre8Track

PinkBitchh: “There’s Not That Many Educated Women In The Game” [The Progress Report]

Lalaa Shepard and fashion designer/ recording artist, Pink Bitchh recently sat down for a conversation surrounding women in Hip Hop.

During the interview, Pink Bitchh discusses her stint away from music, her stance on motherhood, and how women can balance being sexy and getting respect in a male-dominated industry.

Pink also gives her input on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef and offers a suggestion as to why powerful women rarely work together.

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Broke2dope.com Interview with Awful Record’s Lord Narf


While at the Music 2 Die 2 tour stop in Atlanta, Broke2dope.com caught up with opener Lord Narf of Awful Records. She spoke on the producer/artist relationship, being a part of Awful Records, and her role in the female rap game. She also gave us a few details on her upcoming project expected in 2018.

Social Media:
@LordNarf x @Broke2dope

Lotto Savage – Georgia Lottery (Mixtape)

Back in January, Lotto gave us his first release of 2019, titled “Trap No Mo” which is also featured on “Georgia Lottery“.
“Georgia lottery is 7 hard a** songs, no capping, no features – all me, no big name producers and guaranteed to ride from 1-7. No switching songs fasho, all authentic sh*t. -Lotto Savage

Social media: Instagram @1lottosavageTwitter @lottosavage21

42 Dugg feat. Yo Gotti – You Da One [Video]

Yo Gotti has linked up with rising rapper 42 Dugg on a track called “You Da One.” The track was accompanied by an official music video shot entirely in Dugg’s hometown of Detroit.
“The song was just made organically me and Gotti vibing—in the studio feeding off each other talking crazy,” Dugg told Complex. “Far as the video we was really tryna show the world like the regular day in Detroit but the turnt side like us really in the hood cutting up.”
The visual arrives just a day after it was announced Dugg signed to Gotti and Lil Baby’s respective record labels, Collective Music Group and 4PF.
“I brought him out to one of my shows in Detroit and he rocked it,” Gotti said about the deal. “Duggs rocks with me and Duggs rock with Lil Baby and he wanted us both involved. We’re worldwide hustlers you can be from anywhere if you got it you got it.”
Now that he’s locked down major co-signs, Dugg is preparing to deliver more heat by the end of the week.
“Having both of them behind me feel kinda good you know knowing that they both have different takes on the rap industry and they both have told me different ways how to the same shit you know turn up,” Dugg said. “Just look forward to FRIDAY IS ALL I’M GONE SAY.”

Twitter: @42Dugg @YoGotti 

Fly Boi Rich Shows Off The Detroit Aesthetic On “New Jack City”

In Detroit, grittiness reigns supreme. Punchlines matter, piano-driven beats reign supreme, and the energy, oh the energy. It’s all about providing friction to power through the city’s fiercely cold streets, and the music that comes from it creates sparks when strained through earphone speakers. Artists like Tee Grizzly, FMB DZ, and Sada Baby have figured out how to generate enough heat. If FlyBoi Rich’s latest is any indicator, he’ll definitely be the next in line to make some noise in the city.

FlyBoi Rich’s “New Jack City” is powerful, rambunctious, and hard-hitting. I love the piano that corrals the entire thing, adding a bleeding heart to the background that’s repeatedly prodded by the rattling bass. Rich’s raps here are unsettling, applying pressure in the form of street lyricism to the piano’s niceness. It’s a stirring, moving record that’ll keep you captivated long after it ends. 

Twitter: @uknowflyboi

Xzaye – “Different” (feat. Aubrey King & JunkieMunkie)

DLooking for a fresh start under a new moniker, Xzaye unleashes his first single of the year titled “Different.” The Atlanta-artist enlists JunkieMunkie and Aubrey King for guest support on the pulsating, yet heartfelt cut. With comparisons to some of the industry’s biggest stars, like Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller, it won’t be long until Xzaye joins the ranks of the elite.
Stream “Different” below and on all available markets.

Twitter: @Xzaye_

DJ OneWay & Carti Bankx – “Fast Life”

DJ OneWay & Carti Bankx team up together to make a new slapping single titled “Fast Life” with a dope catchy hook and the two going back and fourth on their verses definitely shows the chemistry between the two. Overall the track is a hit.

Be on the lookout for DJ OneWay debut tape and Carti Bankx upcoming album dropping soon.

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Young Ripstarr – Tears Of A Black Man (Album Review)

Young Ripstarr is a deep and multifaceted hip-hop artist from Miami, Florida who could very well be the most important new talent of the next few years. His flows are honest, tough, and vulnerable all at once and display an extensive knowledge of himself and of the streets. His latest effort, Tears From A Black Man, is a fully woke statement of both funk and consciousness that, in a perfect world, would soar to the top of the charts. Ripstarr’s music is raw and real. He writes about the difficult topic of being black in America unflinchingly, digging far below his surface to tell true stories to anyone willing to listen.

Young Ripstarr controls every aspect of his art and business by making beats, producing, writing songs, engineering, and running his own label/publishing company, Rip The Streets Entertainment, Inc,. in addition to rapping. This gives him a powerful authenticity that’s present in every second of Tears From A Black Man and is also what gives his music the potential to touch so many people. Realness is what’s missing in the made-of-plastic 21st Century, so much so that false bravado and negative stereotypes often pass for it. Ripstarr delivers his listeners none of that fakery, pouring himself into the bars he spits and showing the world for what it is.

Came From That Block” is the lead single and tells of where Young Ripstarr started in this life. He relates the pain and struggles that he and those around him tried to survive with lyrical skill and never resorts to glorifying negativity to get attention. His delivery, like his presence, is direct and straightforward and does much to communicate his messages. “Nothing But Hate” is about getting out of a loveless city for his own sake and that of the next generation. “Grown Man Cry” brilliantly describes the pain so many struggling men carry in their hearts that kills them from the inside out. It’s a brave topic to address in public and will hopefully reach those who need to hear it the most. Other standout tracks include “Mentally Slaves,” “Tears Of Pain,” “The Kenneka Story” and “Letter To A Black Woman (Spoken Word by DanMan Danman)” but there are no dead spots to be found here, so play it all the way through.

Young Ripstarr is making the kind of music the world needs right now. The truth he speaks is universal and will install itself into your mind in the space of a couple of listens. Hip-hop fans looking for something more than the shallow waters of the mainstream will find a lot to like about Tears From A Black Man. Highly recommended.

Check out his album o Spinrilla!!!

Click Here To Stream/Download

Connect w/ Young Ripstarr:


Exclusive Single: Tasha Catour Ft. Persona Jackson X Que- “She’s Not Even Mines”

As we patiently wait for more new releases from Atlanta’s own Tasha Catour, she shares with us her brand new single – “She’s Not Even Mines” –with fellow ATLien’s Persona Jackson and Que to hold us over.

You can check out the official new single below, and listen to more music from Tasha Catour via Spotify.

Music: Tasha Catour Ft. Persona Jackson X Que- “She’s Not Even Mine”


The Progress Report Presents Conversations with Lalaa Shepard & Izze The Producer Episode

The Progress Report Presents Conversations with Lalaa Shepard. In this 3 part episode, we speak with Izze The Producer about balancing producing for major artists and being an artist himself. In the first episode, Izze The Producer addresses mental health and goes sneaker browsing at Heet ATL. In the second episode, Lalaa speaks to Izze The Producer about his debut album, ‘Wild Life Extravagant Dreams’ while record shopping at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points. In the final part of the first episode, Izze The Producer speaks to Lalaa Shepard about embracing change and life without his mother and grandmother. 

Instagram @IzzeTheProducer @TheProgressReport101 @LalaaShep

The Progress Report Presents Conversations with Lalaa Shepard & Izze The Producer (Part 1 Heet ATL)

The Progress Report Presents Conversations with Lalaa Shepard & Izze The Producer (Part 2 Criminal Records)

The Progress Report Presents Conversations with Lalaa Shepard & Izze The Producer (Part 3 Java Lounge)