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#BEFORETHEFAME | Ar’mon And Trey Talk Viral Stardom, Getting Signed, Brotherly Love, & MORE

Rising Detroit natives and brothers, Ar’mon & Trey sit down with #BEFORETHEFAME host Portia Terrae to talk about their new single, “Just In Case,” getting signed to Warner Records, and their viral social media stardom!

Watch the full interview below, and make sure to follow Ar’mon & Trey via all social media and music platforms!

@armonandtrey (Twitter)
@armonandtrey (IG)


#HillTopHYPE Exclusive | East Coast Collective ‘Covenant Government’ Talk Their: Newly Released ‘Annuit Coeptis’ Album, Goals For 2019, The Process Behind Working On A Group Project & MORE

ALBUM: Covenant Government – “Annuit Coeptis”

After just a week off of the release of their second collaborative group project, Annuit Coeptis, I tapped in with the Cov Gov team to talk about the response from their new album, their goals for the new year, and how they each feel about working in a group dynamic.

The Album, Annuit Coeptis — Latin for “Providence favors our undertakings” — is another spiritual and social honest piece from Cov Gov proving their versatile and vital approach to rap about the topics that often get lost in translation.

Always honest and transparent with their fans… here’s what the group had to say:

Describe the album, Aunnit Coeptis, in three words…

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Free-spirited; Fun-spirited; Progressive”
Nalo: “Lyrical; Diverse; and Classic

Now with that being said, what was the inspiration behind making the, Annuit Coeptis, project the official CØV group project?

Nalo: The collection of artists… each is great in their own lane. So to see us come together successfully is a good move for hip-hop as a whole.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “With politics becoming more synonymous with entertainment, it was only right that [we] as musicians make more music to reflect these times.”

You guys have always meshed well as a group, while also knowing how to separate your solo careers… how difficult — or easy was it getting every member on the same page for this group project? (Studio time, Tracklist Arrangement, Choosing an album cover, etc.)

Relz: “Whenever you have a collection of solo artists/different personalities with conflicting schedules – it’ll never be easy, because things might take a little longer than expected, or you may not agree on certain things. However, it teaches you how to compromise. That’s the beauty of being on a team… taking the different opinions in the creative process & then coming on one accord to create a masterpiece.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “OH BOY! It is heaven and hell! Always competitive! Mainly because we try to bring out the best in each other. Everybody has their own process, but no matter what the end result is always the most important part. When we disagree on details, we find common ground on the intentions. As far as the solo part, it’s easier to be free when you’re apart of a great collective.”

Young Scoop: It was fun for me to work on this project, I like the competition, but being in covenant, you do a verse one day and it’s gone the next.” – Scoop says jokingly.

Hazy: “Let’s just start off by saying – I hated the cover for the record; but everyone that listened to it likes it so far… I think the hardest part of doing group projects is that we’re in different states so scheduling is always going to be an issue with working on tracks.”

Be honest! What’s everyone’s favorite single on the album? 

Relz: “So much love!”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Spooky Times” because it has a menacing type of energy… Like a horror movie feel. Like the horror of reality.”

Young Scoop: “Sight..” telling people it’s more than what your two eyes see.”
Coincidentally Hazy agrees…
Hazy: Definitely “Spooky Times,” I should have been on that, right after Scoop.

I’m sure everyone is also wondering, when can we expect some new visuals from, Annuit Coeptis

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Coming sooner or never (said sarcastically).”

Just in 3 days, the project received more than 3,000 streams via Spotify. What are y’all numbers looking like now as we officially hit one week? — Was this response more or less than what you were expecting?

Sensei Feng Xhui: “We’re quickly approaching 10k. We knew the potential of the group as soon as we came together.”

Last, but not least! What’s next for Covenant Government? What major moves can we expect from the group and its’ members in 2019? 

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Young Scoop’s project is next! Then Relz! Then the rest of the squad! Y’all can expect more videos, more thoughts, more energy, more vibes, more content, and all of the above!”

Be sure to stay connected with Covenant Government as we wait for new music to come. 

Follow the group via all major social media and music streaming platforms.



(Annuit Coeptis Available HERE)
Covenant Government

Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Steph Lecor Drops “Face”

“Face is truly a females’ anthem. It’s about getting dressed looking fly and most importantly being confident in your own skin.” Steph Lecor

Steph Lecor returns with Face, a beat heavy single that kicks off in time for her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami. Established prior to the show, as an artist on Poe Boy Records and We the Best Music, many are familiar with Steph’s music and her social outings in the hottest clubs within South Beach, Miami. As a native, Steph began
in 2012 becoming 1/3 of the EDM/Pop trio Kulture Shock. This new song, takes us back to that trap heavy, hip-hop, EDM wave..

As part of We the Best Music, Steph released her first debut single “Saturday” charting on Billboard at #38. Steph was also the host of Complex’s show “Her Take.” This was a web series sponsored by Champs retail store. Her debut album is slated to drop in a few months.

Social Media:
IG: @StephLecor

Press Play On 8 Track’s Brand New LP “Rewind”

After teasing us with “Childs Play” and “Circles,” in addition to performing a plethora of live shows throughout 2017, 8 Track liberates their highly anticipated LP Rewind. Described by the genre-bending DMV based collective as “the soundtrack of our lives over this past year…,” it features 12 unique yet cohesive cuts that will surely appeal to new and old fans alike.

8 Track on the project:
“The album opens up with candid clips of us just expressing our current state -whether it was a simple as wanting to go to the record store, as relatable as rent being due or as profound as recognizing moments in which our lives changed. Rewind tells these stories of overcoming personal struggles like in ‘Childs Play,’ dealing with relationship issues like in ‘BMW (Be My Woman),’ recognizing social issues within society like in ‘Family Ties’ and just exuding confidence in ‘Dope Game.’ All of this being done in 8 Track’s genre-jumping fashion that they describe as the sound of the times we live in.”
Stream the fresh body of work after the break and purchase it via iTunes here. Expect matching visuals to follow soon!

Twitter: @WeAre8Track

PinkBitchh: “There’s Not That Many Educated Women In The Game” [The Progress Report]

Lalaa Shepard and fashion designer/ recording artist, Pink Bitchh recently sat down for a conversation surrounding women in Hip Hop.

During the interview, Pink Bitchh discusses her stint away from music, her stance on motherhood, and how women can balance being sexy and getting respect in a male-dominated industry.

Pink also gives her input on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef and offers a suggestion as to why powerful women rarely work together.

Tune into #TheProgressReport every Wednesday night 9-11 PM EST. via The Highly Unique Radio App or watch us live via Facebook/ The Progress Report 101.

Email for all interview inquiries.

Instagram @1PinkBitchh @LalaaShep @TheProgressReport101


Please like & subscribe to our Youtube channel & leave a comment, thanks! Interview with Awful Record’s Lord Narf


While at the Music 2 Die 2 tour stop in Atlanta, caught up with opener Lord Narf of Awful Records. She spoke on the producer/artist relationship, being a part of Awful Records, and her role in the female rap game. She also gave us a few details on her upcoming project expected in 2018.

Social Media:
@LordNarf x @Broke2dope

J.Perks – Logical Trap [Mixtape]

J.Perks releases a brand new 14-track mixtape titled Logical Trap. The Massachusetts artist by way of Chicago comes through with a message, showing listeners the multiple sides of his life story. The project features sounds from heavy hitters like Maaly Raw, Metro Boomin, and 808 Mafia, and features from artists like Dee Gomes, Mama Perks, Dizzy Wright, and more! Providing the perfect medium for change and positivity, he’s on a mission to go against the stacked odds of his Chi-Town upbringing and make his mother proud. Check out the DJ L-produced effort for yourself!

Twitter: @JamalsDifferent

THISJUSN – More Than a Crush (ft. WanMor) [Video]

THISJUSN returns with his debut album Breaking News featuring hit single “More Than a Crush,” a collaboration with WanMor inspired by the classic “Hey Lover,” by LL Cool J and Boys II Men. The video gives a new age twist to classic R&B music videos. Evoking those grade school feelings of love, viewers are sure to relate to what it’s like to be young and sprung. Check out the video mizo-directed effort!




4 MINUTES LATER releases new single “BAD LOVE”

Mysterious, Internet-born, Twitter-trending group 4 Minutes Later is releasing their latest single “Bad Love” which follows their 2019 single “Troubled”. “Bad Love” is a summer sadness song emulating the style of Halsey’s “East Side”. “Bad Love” captures us in a trance with its firm, yet calming beats. The lyrics shine a light on a struggle we’re all too familiar with: being in the wrong place at the wrong time when in love.

We had no choice but to take note of 4 Minutes Later when they were top trending on Twitter in not one, but three major countries: The USA, UK, and Mexico. It all started in early last year when 4ML tweeted a mysterious “music coming soon”. 4ML then released their single, “This is London”, without any visuals to help promote it. It wasn’t before long that people were clamoring to find out who this account releasing this music was. In an effort to unveil the group (or person!), #whois4ml was born and ultimately trending around the globe. 4 Minutes Later embrace this enigma surrounding them and keep their identity hidden.

The essence of 4ML is to get their fans to focus on the music rather than the face(s) behind the music. “Laters” – the groupie name for lovers of 4ML – have defended them, arguing that we, the general public, are often too demanding of artists to show us every aspect of their lives. We still have no idea of who 4ML could be, but what we do know is that we love what they’re delivering. 

Social Media:

Yelohill Releases New Single & Visual ” Midnight Club ” feat. HitTown

West Los Angeles Rep Yelohill enlists rapper HitTown to gift his fans  in honor of his birthday August 3rd  to release brand new music and drop visuals to his brand new single  “ Midnight Club “ ; the concept behind the Mike Free produced single is the  Rockstar video game series Midnight Club arcade style  racing video games developed by Rockstar San Diego  (formerly known as Angel Studios) and published by Rockstar Games . Inspired by the  real hashiriya gang ; the new single “ Midnight Club “  is off his upcoming mixtape TBA soon  . The Video literally celebrates Los Angeles diverse culture , lingo and style; Moreover ,  the video was shot and directed by Hittown , in the video he uses Asiantic graphics , and shot scenes in the infamous Chinatown in DTLA and reference scenes from Fast and the Furious movie series .  Midnight Club is the first single the West LA rapper from his debut mixtape “ Yeloworld “ in which was released at the beginning of the year in January . 

 Yelohill’s current project  “ Yeloworld “ is available on all streaming platforms . Check out Yelohill’s new visual and single   “ Midnight Club ” out now on all streaming platforms and via Youtube Check it out now :

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Houston’s Sir Spitta Drops New “My Way” Album

Sir Spitta draws inspiration from the Houston streets, delivering lyrics that often focus on the trials and tribulations of being in the game. He started delivering rhymes at the mere age of 12 and became a household name during his high school circa. Though he resides in the city of syrup, his sound is deeply rooted in the west coast, which is where he hails from.
Now signed to F.O.E./SOLID, Spitta’s debut album My Way has just been releases, and it’s what the streets have been missing. The body of work includes a high-profile collaboration with the legendary Lil Keke(S.U.C./Slfmade Ent. CEO), as well as production from Pugtunes.

Twitter: @TBWSirSpitta

Straight Outta Watts: Lucho Da Champ “Hot One” (Video)

West coast rapper, Lucho Da Champ, coins himself the Champ of All Trades for a very good reason. The Watts native grew up on the Eastside (in the Nickerson Garden Projects). Being from L.A. he was heavily influenced by OFTB and Kam. His first official release is “Hot One” produced by Larry Jayy. The video was directed by Al Profit, known for his popular curated American Dope Youtube channel. Al Profit also serves as his manager. Lucho has a lot on the horizon and has already been in the studio with Akon, offering up his creative energy. Lucho plans on bringing back the “west coast gangsta boogie” vibe and we’re here for it.

Social Media: 


Jordan Goodman Releases short film for track “Deceiving, Bad Habits”

Oakland based singer-songwriter Jordan Goodman shares new hypnotizing video “Deceiving, Bad Habits”. Jordan’s voice is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s lead singer,Abel as both men share smooth, yet powerful vocals. The track explores what it means to love and what it feels like to expend love without a return.

In this track, Goodman writes about a man’s desire for love, his lack of self-love and the challenges with realizing the places and spaces that he seeks to find love isn’t actually his to attain. Through his deceiving, bad habits, this man searches for love and acceptance as a means to fulfill his own personal lack, but with each encounter he falls short, being deceive by the ambition of love, ultimately leaving him in lack.

Jordan came up with the concept for the video while writing the song. To mirror the theme of the song, he decided to film it in a vintage, deserted motel to help translate a common place where passionate lust could culminate. This is Jordan’s first time directing, producing and handling everything post-production, and he was inspired by the editing and
color-grading style of Quentin Tarantino. During the film process, Jordan fancied the infamous relationship between Bonnie and Clyde; one that exemplified passionate love but in hindsight, chaotic destruction.
Jordan Goodman applies his childhood musical influences to adult-life and its ups and downs to produce some of his best work yet. When asked what motivates him to write music, Jordan revealed that he feels personally responsible to tell the stories of life, love, heartbreak and the lessons accumulated on behalf of his peers.

“Deceiving, Bad Habits” is the first single off Jordan Goodman’s upcoming EP As A Man Thinketh, to be released in September.

Connect with Jordan Goodman

Instagram Spotify Twitter Youtube

Macntaj – Manny Fresh | @itsMacntaj

Seattle Rapper Macntaj drops off the dope new video for his latest single “Manny Fresh” appearing on his debut album, Trappy Gilmore 2 now available on all digital streaming platforms. Taking to the golf course, Macntaj pays homage to the one and only Happy Gilmore in his latest visuals directed by Justin Frick – going crazy all over the golf course and track as usual! Macntaj has been on fire with the visuals as of late including the Jay Park-assisted “Baby John” and the insanely dope “Ochit Wally,” both available on YouTube. “Manny Fresh” finds Macntaj riding shotgun and talking shit like only he can with special guest – Teza Talks behind the wheel. Repping BlocStar Ent flawlessly Macntaj has been bridging the gap between Seattle’s hip hop scene and the Sacramento ties he grew up with. With Trappy Gilmore 2 now available, Macntaj is also gearing up to hit the road for his Pro Circuit Tour Volume 1 hitting Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and more for the first leg. Press play on “Manny Fresh” and be sure to tap in with for updates on tours, new music, videos and more!

Macntaj – Trappy Gilmore 2Apple Music:


A Tribute to Michael Brown, STL’s Robbo Brilliant Unveils “From The Lou” Video

St. Louis MO natives, Robbo Brilliant and EJ Carter team up for a new Midwest anthem titled, “From the Lou” that also serves as a tribute for the late Michael Brown – the unarmed Black teen from Ferguson, MO in 2014. 

“From The Lou” tells the story of what it’s like to reside in a city infested with crime, drugs, and police killings. And how to rise above it. Part of the filming for the video took place in Ferguson, as well. 

Twitter: @robbo_brilliant

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