Nate Husser releases “Minus 23” the first of three EP’s for the summer

Nate Husser’s 2017 solo debut EP Geto Rock For The Youth featured seven dark and sonically dense tracks, revealing personal stories through clever wordplay and unique flows. His live performances which are injected with over-the-top showmanship bring a unique punk-tinged approach to rap shows that clearly differentiates him from his hip hop peers. Named and critically-acclaimed by a diverse set of music media including Pigeons & PlanesThe FADERNoiseyXLR8R as a buzz rap act worth watching, this summer of 2018 Nate Husser unveils a three-part project that tells a semi-autobiographical tale of the love-hate relationship he has with his hometown of Montreal. The first of these EP’s Minus 23 contains nods to a very specific well known athletes career. Stream Minus 23 and watch new video here.

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