Michael Aristotle is “Almost There” but He Reminisces on Past Collection on #spilltheTEA

Eastside, Atlanta native, Michael Aristotle reminisces on his his last two releases “Mega Millions” And “TONI” as he prepares us for a major release “Almost There.” Preceding the episode, he dropped a surprise EP titled “E” to hold us over. The marketing of these latest releases have left a remarkable replay value bringing everyone a millionaire feel with the Mega Millions check and being an advocate for the “Lil Booties Matter” campaign. Follow Teaacup of #spilltheTEA

spilltheTEA TV features all walks of independent entities from artists, local brand owners, to movements and social discussions.

Follow Teaacup of #spilltheTEA

www.instagram.com/teaacupp_ www.twitter.com/teaacup_ Follow Michael Aristotle ⚓️ www.instagram.com/michaelAristotle www.twitter.com/MikeyAristotle Stream E on All Platforms https://songwhip.com/album/michael-ar…

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