Longtime Drake Collaborator Boi-1da Producing On Mobb Deep's Upcoming "The Infamous Mobb Deep" Album

Drake producer Boi-1da says he is working with Havoc on beats for Mobb Deep’s forthcoming “The Infamous Mobb Deep” set.

Boi-1da is among those who will be producing material alongside Havoc for Mobb Deep’s upcoming The Infamous Mobb Deep album.

“It’s new-age with that old Mobb twist to it,” the Toronto producer says during an interview with vibe.com. “I was a big fan of Mobb Deep and Havoc’s production, so I just reached out and me and him have been producing records together, sending stuff back and forth. I can say that I have some records on the new Mobb Deep album that me and Havoc did together. It’s something I knocked off my bucket list.”

Havoc and Prodigy are slated to release the double album through Infamous Records/Red in March.The double album will include unreleased tracks from the group’s 1995 The Infamous album and a digitally re-mastered version of The Infamous and a new self-titled album.

“We’re gonna have special packaging and we’ve got like 10 unreleased songs from The Infamous album,” Prodigy said on Huffington Post. “Verses nobody’s ever heard before from Raekwon, Nas, Ghostface [Killah], our verses. It’s crazy.”