L.A. Based Rapper, Lucas Roth Brings The Party Back to Hip-Hop with New Single, “Whole Thang”

Lucas Roth drops new single, “Whole Thang”; a hip-hop track with big slapping bass sure to bring out the party in all of us.  Lucas has roots in Detroit, but after making the move to Los Angeles to pursue his hip-hop career, a whole new world has opened up; one where some bangin’ parties just seem to be the norm.

Lucas Roth says he’s all about bringing the party back to hip-hop, and that is precisely what “Whole Thang” is all about.  His lyrics reflect an influence from the Cali party lifestyle by embracing drugs, sex, parties and good times. The hook, “That’s my whole thang, Cali life can’t complain, got my drank, got my weed, got a couple other treats,” is not only catchy but perfectly captures the Cali influenced mentality of Lucas.  Paired with a classic, up-tempo hip-hop beat and the end result is the perfect party tune.

“Whole Thang” is a drastic change-up from Lucas Roth’s past singles like “Heart of Gold.”  However, with other artists like Lil’ Dicky and Yung Gravy rising in popularity, Lucas will continue to have an audience perfect for his party influenced approach to hip-hop.

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