@juneheata Presents: “Talk That Shit” Video Dropping Feb 25th

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Producer JuneHeata is putting on for the V.A. If you think about it alot of super producers come from that state. Timberland, Neptunes, Bink Dog ,Nottz ,and Teddy Rally are a few. JuneHeata plans on adding his name to that list of greats. JuneHeata is not just a beat maker but a producer. Producers compose. With saying that he has worked with numerous artist like Wu-tang, Frenchie from Brick Squad, and Chubby Baby to name a few. Coming from Virgina alot influenced him Dr.Dre, RZA, Pete Rock, Timberland, Manny Fresh, dungeon Family, Nottz , and The Alchemist. Feb 25th is a huge day for JuneHeata he will be presenting his work. The single “Talk That Shit” will be dropping. Above is the trailer for the video. Check it out and stay tuned


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