Juice Kicks Off 2020 With New Single “Scary Times”

While most people were kicking up their feet for the holidays, Juice was busy plotting. Six months ago he was an aspiring artist with no music out. Three tracks later, he’s gained over a million streams and YouTube views, earning love from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade, WorldstarHipHop, CBC Music and Toronto’s own Flow 93.5 radio. With that, he knew he needed to start 2020 right. 

Cue Scary Times — an ominous look at the lines Juice is walking between rags and riches, fame and anonymity, art and crime. Over a looping piano, the rising emcee shapes a world around us, one where we feel the struggle, fear, confidence, and hope of a young man who’s been told he won’t amount to anything, but has a burning energy to move his family up through his art. 

With the singing flow on Scary Times, Juice once again steps out of his current lane and into another. With Mopstick and Run It Up finding homes in the club, and Solve ‘Em showcasing his poetic skill, Scary Times pushes Juice’s ability to craft hooks right in your face with a slower, more poignant flow that forces the listener to feel each word. This songwriting and performing versatility has solidified Juice as one of the most exciting poets and rappers coming out of Toronto today. 

With Scary Times, Juice offers a warning of what’s to come. Last year, he popped up on the radar for the first time, showcasing his different skills and styles. In 2020, with his debut EP on the horizon, Juice is ready to tell his story.

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