Joe Budden Podcast Featured Artist Energe Releases New EP “Shouldn’t Be Surprised”

Chicago’s’ self-proclaimed “star in the dark”, Energe releases his first body of work in 2018 with his “Shouldn’t Be Surprised” EP. Building his rep as one of the most talented creatives in the Midwest, Energe was most recently featured on the wildly popular Joe Budden Podcast where his song “High Note” was played to an audience of millions by Budden, Rory and Mal. But who is Energe? The mystery continues with his new EP “Shouldn’t Be Surprised” – no features, oddly named song titles and airy, mysterious backdrops by Hardiii. Energe gets it. We need more of it.

Shouldn’t Be Surprised EP Tracklisting:

1. OneNinetySix
2. OneTwentyNine
3. OneEightySix
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