Jai Waetford Releases ‘Figure It Out’ EP

 Australian recording artist and social media sensation Jai Waetford has released his Figure It Out EP via Sony Music Australia. CLICK HERE to listen. The EP release is accompanied by the Figure It Out – EP Film, live now on Jai’s YouTube channel. The film follows Jai on a night out showcasing each track from the EP throughout the storyline. CLICK HERE to watch.

The Figure It Out EP was announced exclusively by Jai during an interview on the Beats 1‘s Travis Mills show in Los Angeles this April. Commenting on the EP, Jai shared, “This EP is a body of work that came together through a bunch of sessions with my producer James, it’s the first solid work we’ve done together and it was really just a lot of experimenting and getting to know each other. It’s a step into this new direction and has a couple more urban tracks on there, and a couple of straighter pop vibes.”

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