Iyla Raises Suicide Awareness With Her Video ‘Shampoo’

Life is hard. Not being seen when you’re hurting is even harder. In her latest visual, Iyla raises suicide awareness with “Shampoo”.

We’ve just started to get to know Iyla, but she’s already left quite an impression. Before releasing her WAR + RAINDROPS EP she gave us “Juice” and we quickly learned that visuals are her specialty so you can imagine our excitement to for the latest visual for “Shampoo”.

Carrying a message that’s needed coming off of this holiday season Iyla focuses her concern by bringing awareness to the pain people are coping with right in front us.
Recreating Marilyn Monroe’s death we see her face down on a bed scattered with pills and a phone pressed to her ear as her lover sits on the bed overlooking her. Her vacant eyes are seen as she lies in the tub with a scarlet gown and ruby red beads spilling from her wrist to the floor. Here she recognizes the loss of Whitney Houston, Judy Garland and Jim Morrison to the same occurrence. The visuals are daunting but truthful to the feelings of isolation we have lost many to.
Iyla provides the watcher with honesty and comfort as she consoles herself at the end with eyes that are now present.
WAR + RAINDROPS is now available on all digital service providers. https://www.iylamusic.com/warandraindrops

Social Media: @IylaBlue

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