#InTheTrap ? ScHoolboy Q on Kendrick sequencing CrasH Talk, no female features, ZaZa for Water video, social media crisis + more With Sarah Harrison

ScHoolboy Q sits In The Trap upon the release of CrasH Talk, reminiscing on the importance of Oxymoron in his career, despite being on drugs during that run and not having enjoyed its success in the moment. He opens up about measures he took to sober up, including changes to the company he keeps although his loyalty could most times be slavery.

The TDE/Black Hippy rapper admits to leaving Kendrick to put all his albums together because he finds the process boring – “I just want to rap bro”. Something else he finds boring is US shows, compared to European/World crowds, often telling off “boring ass fans” for standing around having no energy.

The main topic of discussion turned to today’s growing social media crisis, from fake motivation to unnecessary outrage, creating a disillusioned image of the outside world we really live in. He only seeks the comedy factor on his feed, simply put “laughter is God”. Speaking of which he requests viral sensation ZaZa video’d dancing to album track ‘Water’ to be in the music video.


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