#InTheTrap ? Kelvyn Colt talks women, paving way for German rap + ties with Louis Vuitton & Reebok W/ Sarah Harrison

Kelvyn Colt, a German/Nigerian artist by way of London, stops by In The Trap in between worldwide trips promoting music and fashion ventures. He defines “used to be a Savage“, the hook on his latest single. We move into talking about his mum being his hero and his overall admiration for women, not only for being “more efficient and trustworthy in business”, but also overcoming gender role stereotypes in society from the beginning of time!

Colt reminisces on his digital marketing ambitions being dismissed when working a retail job for a luxury fashion company and has a message for all the naysayers that every existed in his life. He also speaks on (career) numbers vs. impact and paving the way as one of Germany’s artists rapping in English breaking through recognised Hip-Hop channels. With there being no infrastructure for Hip-Hop in Germany, Kelvyn aims to spearhead that for his native Rap culture.

Kelvyn Colt tells us how affiliations with Louis Vuitton and Reebok came about, with ambitions as a creative in the digital climate stretching far beyond music.

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