Hartford’s, Young Sho & Mook The Great, Share “The Formula”

Most people don’t associate Connecticut with Hip Hop, but if you visit the small New England state’s inner cities, Hip Hop is thriving. Hartford born Hip Hop artist, Young Sho, has been laying down the ground work for his music these past few years. From tearing down stages throughout the East Coast, delivering consistent mixtape releases, and more, Young Sho is here to represent for the 860.

Last summer, Sho made waves with a consistent stream of releases. And he continues his run in the first quarter of 2019 with a new project, The Formula, teaming up with another 860 artist, Mook The Great. “We treated this project as if it were a science project, and as result we modernized Old School Hip Hop to appeal to the younger generation all while getting our key points and morals across.” Working with a variety of producers, “The Formula” is a project like no other. 

Apple iTunes: LINK

Twitter – @Youngripsho @MookTheGreat860
Instagram – @Youngripsho @GbsGreat1


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