French Duo PNL Releases New Visual For “Deux Frères” (Two Brothers)

French “Cloud Rap” duo PNL releases new visual for single, “Deux Frères” (Two Brothers) off their album of the same name.

Two brothers (Tarik and Nabil Andrieu, aka Ademo and N.O.S.) that flipped European hip-hop on its head share the second music video off their new album. Following up on their groundbreaking visual for “Au DD” which is said to be the first ever filmed inside of the Eiffel Tower PNL drops “Deux Frères”, a portrait of their French upbringing.

The seven-minute video is extremely autobiographical. It tells the story of when the brothers left Gagarin in Ivry in 1995 to settle in Tarterêts, in Seine-et-Marne. “Deux Frères” transitions between scenes of drugs, project hallways, and violence which reminds viewers of what PNL has overcome.

Comparable to the previous music video “Deux Frères” explores PNL’s journey from selling drugs in Paris to evolving into rap superstars.The song continues to highlight PNL’s signature “cloud rap” sound; immersive, deep, subtle, and laced with melodic flows and narratives from within Paris’ subcultural underbelly.

The visual has surpassed 7.4 million views on YouTube. Booska-P writes, “PNL brings us back to the years when its members squatted the hall and roamed the asphalt of a city now deserted and doomed to destruction.”

With the growing success of the new album PNL sets the stage to ascend further from France’s homegrown heroes to renowned household names worldwide.

“Deux Frères” is available now on YouTube and can be streamed or purchased here. Their album Deux Frères is available now. For updates and more information about PNL please refer to the social media links below.

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