Exclusive: King YC is Suing Kat Stacks For Over $3,000 In Uber Charges!


It appears like the Self Proclaim and Former Queen of WorldStarHiphopKat Stacks” tends to be in the headlines for the wrong reasons and this situation is no different. What started off as a publicist deal gone wrong will likely land her in court.  She promised King YC features in XXL, TMZ,  Complex, The Fader, Hot New Hip Hop, and  stated that she is an affiliate to all of these outlets. As of right now, he has no plans of settling out of court.

Apparently,  Kat Stacks has been partying in Atlanta a little too much according to new-comer out Las Vegas  “King YC” For the past 6 weeks she has managed to rack up over $3000 in Uber charges averaging 3 to for 4 trips a day. That is a lot of Uber charges and where are you going that causes you to rack up these type of charges.

We here at DJ Iceberg.com reached out to King YC directly for a comment “I originally reached out to help her since she was constantly texting me about how drunk she was and in need of an Uber home.  I am suing her for the back pay and for causing me to be temporarily banned from using my Uber account.  King YC is more than sure the problem solver for this issue is rehabilitation. When he reached out to Uber their reps stated that “they were under the impression that there was some type of  illegal activates taking place and wanted to remove themselves from the situation.”  














Looks like Kat Stacks was promoting  King YC new album “King YC For President” dropping on  Dec 31st later this year on all her social media outlets, but has since deleted all traces of the project. It seems like Kat Stacks is obsessed with Uber and King YC finally cuts her off and discussed to go through with the lawsuit.  Since she promised to pay him back before she decided to block him on all social media outlets!  Stay tuned as this story develops and we will keep you posted!  


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