Seattle Artist Michaelson Releases His Debut Single “100 Grand”

Hailing from the great NW, up and coming artist Michaelson releases his debut single “100 Grand” featuring Ellis Prescott and Laza.

A student of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ artist development program “The Residency,” you can hear their influence on the track with one listen. Michaelson gives us some seriously slick bars, flexing some on and off double-time with throwing out multiple 206 references. With a radio-ready chorus from Ellis Prescott, “100 Grand” is a cinematic single with help from epic piano chords provided by producer Sinima Beats. Laza tops thing off with a smooth second verse rounding the track off nicely and still giving Michaelson his time to shine. An impressive release for a debut single, be sure to tap in with Michaelson and he prepares more new music to drop in 2020!

Listen to “100 Grand” below by Michaelson featuring Laza and Ellis Prescott!

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YUNG Citizen – I Wish (Official Music Video) | @YUNGCitizen

The song, an ironic look at the materialistic nature of hip-hop that YUNG Citizen has long fought to separate himself from, was inspired by the 2016 flick Keeping Up with the Joneses, in which a suburban couple’s (Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher) seemingly perfect neighbors (Gal Gadot, Jon Hamm) turn out to be secret agents.

“I Wish” is featured on YUNG Citizen’s F.I.T EP. and has since become the project’s most-streamed song. Click the details below to watch the “I Wish” video and to listen to the other songs on the EP.

Endy Ventrila New Music Video For “Me N U”

Jasmine Carter aka Endy Ventrila, is a new upcoming R&B artist in town and she did not come to play! Born in San Diego, CA to Terressa Madkins, Jasmine Desiree Madkins story began May 25th, 1996. Singing and dancing since she was 8 years old, Endy already began to exhibit star quality at a young age. Influenced by artists such as Ashanti, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blidge, Nicki Minaj, Drake and more, Endy has a Neo Soul yet Trap R&B vibe to her music.

Today, Endy releases a music video for her single “Me N U”. The track is produced by FlyHighMarty and engineered by David Grants. Check out the Teez Visuals-directed visual below.

JIG LeFrost Releases The Official Music Video For “Self Care” | @JIG_LeFrost

West Coast Recording artist JIG LeFrost drops off the Official Music Video for the self-produced single “Self Care,” available now on YouTube. 
Directed by Drake Roby, “Self Care” is an intimate look inside the world of crisis JIG describes in his new EP, Welcome To Crisis. Possibly his most personal and reflective release to date, JIG finds himself taking some time out to practice self-love while examing his past trauma and taking inventory of the people around his. Aesthetically pleasing, “Self Care” hits hard with well-curated color schemes and minimal, open landscapes giving JIG room to exercise out his demons in a one on one therapy session. Musically LeFrost shows his diversity by providing a melodic yet aggressive self-produced soundscape, and brutally honest lyrics. With a music video for every song on his new EP, consistency and output have never been an issue for this upcoming artist. After coming up in the Bay Area music scene, JIG has recently spread his wings relocating down to Los Angeles and slowly but surely infiltrating the music industry. 
Tune in to JIG’s latest release with Self-Care now available on YouTube and Welcome to Crisis available to stream on all major platforms. Be on the lookout for more new visuals and a new EP coming from JIG LeFrost soon! 

Welcome to Crisis

Las Vegas Artist Zelly Vibes New Music Video “Money Dance”

Zelly Vibes, a Las Vegas artist on the come up, returns with an infectious new banger titled “Money Dance” along with an accompanying visual. When asked about the visual Zelly stated, “The inspiration behind the music video is beyond materials because it’s so easy to make money. I believe in this world we see money as the highest value of anything but what is of high value to you? What if it’s not money and is your skill, your passion? And so I wanted to show three different types of people and what their money dance is to them.” The track is produced by Magna and the visual is shot by On3trackmind. Check it out below and check out Zelly Vibes on Spotify.

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Ride The Wave: Listen To The New Single “Body Talk” by EsoXoSupreme

Portland R&B artist Eso.Xo.Supreme drops his first release of 2020 with the polarizing new single, “Body Talk.”

Connecting with producers, Super Staar Beats (Young Thug, G Herbo, SIXNINE, and more) x Whoswyler (Boosie Badazz, Ugly God, Kidd Keo, Suigeneris, D-Block Europe), Eso.Xo.Supreme keeps his sound updated with banging 808’s and an infectious flute melody that will have you pressing play over and over. Best known for his prolific output and signature pen game, Eso.Xo.Supreme has been grinding and building his fanbase up with one quality release after another. On “Body Talk,” Eso lists the vices that keep his power up and walks a fine line between Trap King and R&B Prince.

Diversity has never been a problem for this rising artist as his artistic influence is evident from visuals, artwork, and most obviously his one-of-a-kind sound. With all the recent talk of R&B being dead and the congruent success of artists including Brent Faiyaz, Tory Lanez, and more – Exo.Xo.Supreme is definitely another artist to add the list of people keeping the genre alive.

Tap in with one of music’s most promising rising underground talent in Eso.Xo.Supreme and his new single “Body Talk” available now on all digital streaming platforms!

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Stream – Eso.Xo.Supreme – Body Talk

 Dave B. The Prince (@DaveBTP) – “Gang Time”

Today South Central-bred rapper Dave B. the Prince releases his new single “Gang Time.” Touching on the code of the streets and the mackin’ way of life, Dave B. the Prince raps about the life he grew up experiencing in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles.

Rapping with an undying dedication since 2007, by 2018 Dave B. The Prince felt he had mastered his craft. From writing on the spot to keeping on topic, Dave had practiced everything from his melodies and pitches to his similes and conjunctions. From vocabulary to the art of understanding people and how they react. Now with a host of material recorded Dave B. the Prince is ready to release his new song, “Gang Time.”

“Gang Time, is something new and fresh and it’s something nobody has ever heard. It’s a mix between some mackin activity and some hatin activities. The person that talk about it the most not really about it. If you start it, finish it strong and if you did some shit, don’t speak about it, you ain’t gotta be nobody’s show pony.” Dave B the Prince said. “I talk a lot of gang shit on there. Thats just the code, that’s just the way of life. I’m not just for me, I’m for my people, my squad and my community. Gangs were started as a way to stand up against the police and to protect the community, so there’s some player stuff mixed in there with the Gang Time”

The song will find a home on Dave B. the Prince’s forthcoming project Death Certificate, which will be his debut project featuring approximately six new songs for the fans.

“The track is going to be on my project Death Certificate. Its my first album, but its crazy that I didn’t even realize, one of the producers on the project told me that Ice Cube’s album was called Death Certificate and it came out in ’91, the year I was born. I didn’t know it, but that matches up and its my baby. Starting off a new decade with a whole new fresh start. The EP is going to drop this Spring, I’d like to give them at least 6 songs.”

Hoping to build upon his performance at the Top Dawg Entertainment Christmas Concert, Dave B. The Prince is looking to start performing more in the coming weeks and months.

“It was beautiful for me man, it was a day to give back to the community and shout out to TDE and Hollywood and PurpleTang Media for booking the show for me. My guy Hollywood connected us and we got it done. There was a line all the way around the block and you had to bring a tour to get in. It went around several blocks and the line was still going. There were like 4-5000 people there,” Dave B. the Prince said.

Adding to his experience on stage rapping Dave B. the Prince, is well versed in the world of dance and incorporates the art form in his music.

“Dance has always been a great way for me to express my art and I feel like its a necessary tool for me when i comes to creative because I come at a song like a dancer and sometimes I come at it on some street shit or sometimes I come at it with my feelings. It gives me another aspect on my music and my dance and so its always going to be something that I always do and so I just gotta stay on it with the moves to give people what they want to see. I’ve learned that fans really do help me and the feedback that I get really helps me. Everyone got haters, but as far as the real fans that give good feedback – that feedback can motivate me to do a full album.”

Part of what separates Dave B. The Prince from his competition is admittedly the fact that he is an Albino rapper, following in the footsteps of Brother Ali and Krondon to name a few.

“I come with constant heat, but the only thing that separates me from everyone else is I don’t look like everyone else. I grew up in the hood and I’m an Albino rapper so I have already been through all the things in life that people throw my way. Really it’s just another life experience or something that I go through. I’m not a quitter and I still always came out on top not matter the obstacle,” Dave B the Prince said. “Just having to start over with the nonsense everywhere I went. There was always someone trying to test me. I never got comfortable. Everywhere I went I had to fight, and so by 7th grade nobody wanted to f*ck with me. Every new school I went to it was a start over again having to defend myself just to be me. So thats how I approach a lot of things like rapping or life in general. “

Famed LGBTQ Musician and Actor Bridesmen Empowering New Single “The Times”

Bridesmen is Los Angeles based Kenton Chen, an indie neo-soul, R&B singer/songwriter who has set out to encourage others to find power within themselves and use compassion to enact change. Known for his work on NBC’s Sing-Off, as well as his performances with Postmodern Jukebox and Scary Pockets, Chen’s latest project is a radical departure from his jazz/a cappella roots. Chen strives to explore the darker side of human nature, the dichotomy of morality and how to be a good person in a world that ostracizes you, i.e. a ‘bridesmen’ at a wedding.

 The root of the new project Bridesmen, is an outlet for Chen to convey the artistic side of himself, unrelated to other people. With a running theme of expressing individual freedom and responsibility, the singer narrates the emotions of loneliness and the effect it can have on people. Chen reveals, “We hurt when we don’t understand each other and we hurt when we are unwilling to change. The best thing we can do is be ourselves within the context of what we were given”. As a gay Asian second generation immigrant, he grew up feeling isolated, constantly hiding behind masks to protect himself. In Bridesmen, Chen aspires to uncover these masks in an effort to live a boundless and truthful life. “I want people to know that as I have grown and matured as an artist and a human being, I’ve come to realize that my specific experiences of being gay and Asian are not particular to me. My life story reverberates far beyond my specificities, and anyone from any race or sexuality can empathize with the need to belong and be understood”, expresses Chen. 

Chen has found success performing/supporting with artists such as Katy Perry, Kesha, Sara Bareilles, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson, as well as touring with Portugal the Man and Ben Folds. His work with Postmodern Jukebox has reached over 8.6 million views on YouTube, garnering attention from across the globe.  

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California R&B Singer/Songwriter Ainjo New EP “Diary Entries”

Ainjo is an R&B singer/songwriter from Southern California that have just released her new EP “Diary Entries.” She began to generate buzz on her social media pages when she started to upload covers to famous songs. Finding encouragement in her growing following, Ainjo released her debut EP “555” in May 2019, including the romantic R&B sensation “Drug,” featuring Amanda Adams.

Ainjo’s performed on stages and festivals such as Vydia’s Official 2019 Stage at SXSW Festival, The Study Hollywood: Unplug’d LA, East Coast: Music Conference/Festival 2018, Vibe Tribe Showcase, and Lady’s First Official 2019 Stage at A3C Festival and has been a feature on songs like EDM sensation Ciisnero’s “Universe,” and Damuaskari Preacher’s “Daydreaming” to name a few.

In addition to championing as an independent artist, Ainjo also serves as an active member of the US Navy, generating a real-life Hannah Montana comparisons from many of her supporters.

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