NFL Trippp – “Potential”

Minneapolis Artist, NFL Trippp, delivers his first official single of 2020 with his newest hit, “Potential.”

The midwest representer presents a story of wanting to love a women in the face of all the negative connotations and baggage that comes with a new partner’s pass. 

Despite all that, she has P O T E N T I A L

Listen to the new single below, and stay tuned for more music from NFL Trippp on the way. 



ZayZayy New EP ”Beyond The Naked Eye”

Black trauma has been a topic in all facets of multimedia lately portraying heartbreak; hip hop emcee Zayzayy wanted to change the narrative and shine a positive light on African American people overcoming their obstacles to achieve glory by Any Means Necessary with Beyond The Naked Eye.  

The LP is composed of eleven personally curated tracks from the Detroit native which encapsulates him dealing with the daily trauma black people face living their daily lives from his perspective and narrative. 

Similar to the single War Baby by fellow hip-hop emcee Roddy Ricch, every track is meant to let listeners feel the raw emotion of his melodic, dark lyrics powered by powerful trap drum production.  

Zay had a bigger purpose than just music with creating Beyond The Naked Eye.

“A lot of times people go through traumatic events and never heal  because they just cover up their pain with drugs or other ways such as indulging in buying possessions,” he said during a studio session for the album.  

“This album is meant to give an inside view. The person that don’t show themselves on the exterior.  We post what we what people to view on social media . In reality, we are hurting as a society and we mask it with different avenues.” 

With a great sound and powerful purpose, Beyond The Naked Eye is available to stream on all platforms!  Apple Music   Tidal   


TXYLOR’s New project, “Before Chronicle”, Is Out To Give Fans A Taste Of The Forthcoming Album

Kanas City’s TXYLOR is a classic man’s lyricist. He’s a perfectionist of his craft, looking to carefully select his words to craft flows that are packed with punches. His new release, Before Chronicle, is a preview of his forthcoming album that gives the world a look at what he does and how carefully he does it. It’s packed with bars with real weight, no bullshit. 
Check out Before Chronicle below.

Sean Cole – “Costly (Video)”

Video: Sean Cole – “Costly”

Internationally known – now representing out of his home base –  Minnesota native, Sean Cole, drops off a special holiday gift as he shares his long awaited official video for his hit single, “Costly.”

The visual starts off as Sean Cole takes an ominous walk through a back alley on his way home.  Once settled in his room, we get to join Sean Cole as he daydreams about what it’s going to feel like once he makes it to the “good life.”

Giving thanks to his day ones and the ones who always held him down, Sean Cole reminds us that he’s going to get to the money, no matter what it costs him!

Watch the official, “Costly,” video below and stay tuned for more new music from Sean Cole on the way.

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Cali Hendrix Drops New EP “TJHTIY”

Cali Hendrix is a female songwriter and rap artist hailing from the Westside of Chicago, Illinois. Her talents and buzzing quest to stardom has landed her performances at SXSW and A3C Music Festival. Cali is best known for singles such as “Call My Phone”, “Blah Blah Blah” and “Racks”. Her projects, “Cali Pippen” and “420 Reloaded”. Cali Hendrix releases her latest project entitled “TJHTIY” (They Just Hate That It’s You) EP. The EP is a five track project that includes records such as “Beyonce” and “Racks” featuring Mika Luciano and LIL Keisha.

Twitter: @CaliHendrixFTS 

Michigan Artist Only1Hunnet Drop His Album “Rakkin”

 A lot of us don’t rely on news sources like Fox and CNN to find out what the temperature of the streets are, for that we have artist like Only1Hunnet to look to for that. The Michigan artist album entitled “Rakkin” runs for forty minutes but it’s an easy forty filled with hard trap beats, smooth melodies and straight bars when it’s called for. Keeping it light on the features he only has a handful from artist such as Tank Baby, Neighborhood and label mate Dre Mac. Each artist held their own against the featured artist. The album talks about things from the street life we all know but he also gets deeper on songs like “Goons” for example when he states that his son gets mad when ever he grabs his jacket. This is real rap, real emotions. Get with it. It also features his single entitled “Light Green”, make sure you check out that official music video on YouTube.

Twitter: @Only1Hunnet 

Social Conscious Rapper Iz316 Releases Visual For “My Prayers”

Socially conscious rapper Iz316 recently released his latest single “My Prayers.” Accompanied by a raw, and to-the-point music video, Iz316 brings a nostalgic vibe, taking us back to a classic era in hip-hop through his conscious bars and dope boom-bap sample. “When I heard this beat, I was instantly taken to my favorite era in hip hop,” Iz316 said. “I love boom-bap
beats.” “I listened to the instrumental for a few months and nothing came to me, as far as lyrics go. I intentionally didn’t listen to the beat for a while hoping to find my mojo. Some time goes by and I play the beat again.”
The rapper says that the song’s name stems from the process that it took to get the single completed. “Before I wrote any words I prayed that the right lyrics would come to me. I wrote the whole song in 10 mins. And that’s how why I called the song my prayers. ”Though he’s continuing to work on an upcoming project which goes beyond any of his previous works,
Iz316 wanted to give his fans “My Prayers” as something to tie them over until he drops the major bomb. Additionally, he wanted to give the unique song the shine that he feels it deserves.

Iz316’s “My Prayers” is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Amazon PlayApple Music | Google Play | Spotify | YouTube

Chicago Female Rapper Chella Drops “Ballin Dese Bitches” Freestyle

Chella is a Chicago street favorite, not only for her fearless, brazen and confident music, but because she is the glowing Chicago underdog who has eclipsed obstacles to become a force more than just music. Chella, nor the streets, are shy about reminding you about how real she is!
Along with preparing to release new music, Chella recently launched her own podcast “Str8Dropuncut” along with heralded Chicago co-host Bo Deal. Chella is preparing to release a new album titled “Above Water”, where she channels her inner Mermaid and represents for her Mermaid Mafia.

Twitter: @ChellaChicago

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