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Aya Nakamura Releases “Pookie” Remix Feat. Lil Pump

Global sensation Aya Nakamura and U.S. hip-hop extraordinaire Lil Pump have collaborated on a new hit “Pookie” Remix.
The language-traversing AfroPop single combines Nakamura’s scintillating French vocals with Lil Pump’s rhythmic flow. The original high-energy track, which was featured on her double platinum-selling album Nakamura, has already amassed over 150 million streams since its release last autumn.

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Counting the likes of U.K. vocalist Sam Smith and grime icon Stormzy as fans, the latter recently enthused to BBC Radio 1 host Annie Mac: “[Nakamura] is the top in France. She is so incredible. I don’t speak French, I don’t understand French… but it’s THAT good when I don’t understand what she says. The vibe, the melodies, it’s incredible feelings.”
Nakamura’s meteoric rise began with her earworm single “Djadja.” With over 650 millionstreams to date, the hit topped the charts across Europe, making the star the first French female artist to top the Dutch charts since Edith Piaf in 1961. Named by TheNew York Times as “One of the most important acts in Europe now, musically and socially,” the Mali-born, Paris-raised talent is now the most streamed French female artist worldwide. Having just crossed the 1 billion views mark on her YouTube channel, she was named among the Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list earlier this year, and earned a BET Awards “Best International Act” nomination.
Miami-born Lil Pump rose to popularity off the back of hit single “Gucci Gang” from his critically-acclaimed self-titled debut album. The 4x-platinum track peaked at #3 on the U.S.Billboard Hot 100, and he has since collaborated with hip-hop royalty Kanye West andLil Wayne, while also releasing his second studio album Harverd Dropout earlier this year.
Aya Nakamura has firmly established herself as a global superstar over the past 12 months. Collaborating with U.S. hip-hop A-lister Lil Pump cements this status even further.


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Moody – Trappanomix (Album)

Moody Majnoun is a Palestinian refugee that was brought up during wartime in the Middle East; war that he often felt followed him to Canada.

A survivor from being stabbed and shot—Moody has had to overcome his fair share of obstacles in life, which has worked towards giving him a strong drive and perseverance for success. He’s proving not only to himself, but everyone who did not believe in him, that his struggle brings triumph.

Trappanomix is the West End Ottawa rapper’s first album, brought to you by Freedom Records. The 11-track Trappanomix album brings forth the power of street knowledge with the sounds produced by rising producer ReUpBeatz.

Guest appearances on the project include Greatest, SirWavy, G-Buckz, Montreal rapper Hellbound Bishop and various members of the Ritchie Boyz and RPR. Some of the stand out singles include “Trapstarr,” “CHLVE LVMVR,” and “Pelican.”

Don’t sleep on Moody and the rest of the Ritchie Boyz and make sure to subscribe to their music on Spotify Canada.

Trappanomix is available on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

Watch the latest video by Moody called “CHLVE LVMVR,” in support of his new Trappanomixx album.  
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Nova Scotia-born artist T. Thomason New Single “Pleasure”

Nova Scotia-born artist T. Thomason just released a new single titled “Pleasure”. The song was written on a bike ride to a lake during a time when Thomason was rediscovering joy and taking time to find beauty in the world. “Pleasure for the sake of pleasure” became a mantra and then turned into this song.

“Pleasure” is a sunny, nostalgic electro-pop track. It would be great if you might feature!

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Vee Takes You Down Memory Lane With “SOBER”

Russian artist VEE drops his new single. “Sober” comes in anticipation of his new project “SOBER” set to drop later this summer. The track takes the listener down memory lane with Vee as he reminisces about college life. Battling the peer pressures of partying, hooking up and drinking with friends, Vee seeks genuine fulfillment – in true love and companionship.

“Sober” brings Vee back to a place from his past. Born in cold Siberian Russia, Vee always had great passion for music. While growing up, Vee had a heavy influence from american hip hop music. The ability to tell a story in it’s most vulnerable and raw way, moved Vee despite the heavy language barrier. As a child, Vee wrote songs however because he couldn’t speak english – they were just gibberish resembling the sound of English. When he was twelve years old, Vee asked his parents to buy him studio equipment for Christmas. After setting up a recording studio in his childhood home, he would always get paid by local singers and rappers to record and mix their songs behind his parents’ backs while they were at work. This allowed him to constantly upgrade his equipment and improve the quality of his records.

As a teenager, Vee focused his efforts on discovering his sound and figuring out where his place in music was. Driven by his dreams of moving to Los Angeles and pursuing his music career, Vee mastered the English language in only 2.5 years while still living in Russia. At 17, Vee moved to LA to attend college & devoted his free time in music. To save up for studio equipment, Vee would skip meals saving up his money while improving upon his music production knowledge. He always believed that music chose him, and with hard work and dedication, he would find his sound and passionate fans all around the world. Being so proficient and completely independent in his creative process allows Vee to really put his heart and soul into his craft and find out where he fits in the industry as an artist. Vee has proven his love of and commitment to  music by not only moving halfway across the world to start his career, but also by mastering a new language vastly different from his Russian mother tongue. Vee won’t stop at anything to turn his dream into a reality.

Hear “Sober” above, and stay tuned for more from Vee.


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Big Calo & Radio3000 – Big Cap (Music Video) | @Radio3000 @BigCalo

International artists Big Calo and Radio3000 connect for the infectious new single “No Cap” produced by SeriouzBeats. Shot by Tanny Manana and edited Nick Barbieri in Bangkok, Thailand – Calo and Radio turn up in their new visuals while sliding all over the track at the same time. A neck-breaking beat and catchy trap melodies lead the way for these two young artists to talk their shit. Big Calo is easily one of the most prolific artists in his region, while our guy Radio3000 has recently been featured by MTV Asia on their re-launch of Yo MTV Raps, making “No Cap” a truly international, all-star collaboration. With added animation from Mumbot, “No Cap” is a visual delight and even nicer on the ears. Available on all digital streaming platforms and most importantly now playing on YouTube, be sure to run “No Cap” back a few times and tap in with Big Calo and Radio3000 on Twitter! 

Baileys Brown Enlists Dabbla And Datkid For ‘Gimme’ The Third Video Off The Forthcoming ‘Still Fresh’ LP

We’re now in the penultimate month before the full release of Baileys Brown’s Still Fresh LP is unleashed and in preparation, the Bristol-based producer has unveiled the next single from the album.

Gimme is a grimy venture into the minds of two of the UK’s best lyricists, complete with distorted vocals and sealed off with Brown’s inimitable approach to production. It is yet another jewel in the crown of a producer who refuses to adhere to the rules and regulations that genre titles attempt to impose on the music.

Both Datkid and Dabbla construct some of their finest bars on the track, which says a lot for two MCs as prolific as they are. The verses unravel at a rapid rate, the ideal delivery for the production they are lacing.

In conjunction with Gimme’s release, Potent Funk have teamed up with pocket studio app, Brapp, to offer MCs the chance to get themselves a verse on the official remix. All they need to do to enter is follow the link below and use the app to record their verse over a snippet from the track. More info

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Modenine feat. AWKWORD – “Collage” [prod. by Teck-Zilla]

New song off the joint album ‘Esoteric Mellow’ from Modenine and Teck-Zilla…

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@teckzilla108 @awkwordrap

@TeckZilla108 @AWKWORDrap

Hailing From Egypt, Rising Artist pre kai ro Releases His New Single “KING”

pre kai ro is beginning to prove just how big of a super star he is soon to be. With his music catching on to the masses, pre kai ro continues his rise with a new Riddla produced single titled, “King”. Hailing from Egypt, the young artist has crooned his way to a cult like following that seems to be rising daily across the world. Cementing himself on 9,000 Spotify playlists in total, 4k alone on his latest offering “Blink Twice”, pre kai ro has amounted an impressive and ever growing 394K+ streams on his last single. 
Let’s just say the music speak for itself, if you take one listen to the artist sound you can certainly understand why so much hype is surrounding him. Listen to ‘King’ and take a breathe of fresh air, as pre kai ro guides you across his new single, echoing his unique and soulful voice across catchy production, depicting his story word for word. 
Are you a fan of pre kai ro latest offering ‘Blink Twice’? ‘King’ will be exactly what you needed next. If you are unfamiliar with the talented artist, we suggest diving deep into pre kai ro vast array of sound and become a fan for yourself. Be on the lookout for this artist all 2019, as he prepares to keep you all very entertained.

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Veteran UK Rapper Unkle Festa Is Harnessing The Power Of Hip-hop To Take A Stand With Hard-hitting New Single ‘Out Your Mind’

Last year there were 40,147 instances of knife crime in London – just let that terrifying, sickening number sink in for a second. Veteran UK rapper Unkle Festa has and he’s fighting back, harnessing the power of hip-hop to take a stand with hard-hitting new single ‘Out Your Mind’.

Uncompromising and never preachy, ‘Out Your Mind’ pulls no punches, savagely exposing the mindlessness of knife crime and issuing a rallying cry to put a stop to it. Over a haunting piano-led beat Festa asks “how many of our children have to be dead” before launching into a machine-gun chorus bringing his vintage flow to bear on heartfelt lyrics set to stun.

The former Mud Family spitter has been in the game since the late 90s, when he linked up with Skinnyman after relocating from Cyprus to London – since then knife crime in the UK has rocketed, with fatal stabbings at their highest level since WW2.

And this violent epidemic is finding its way into the rapper’s tracks – “When I write it’s about the things on my mind and close to my heart,” said Festa. “Seeing first-hand the madness on our streets motivated me to write this track”.

The track is driven by a message and screaming for social change, and Festa is seeing the bigger picture to make that happen: ”Out Your Mind is not just for the youth to understand, but parents and government to understand – they need to listen and must change themselves to create a better environment for our children to grow”.

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