Toronto’s Layla Hendryx Releases New Video With “Rain or Snow”

Layla Hendryx burst onto the scene in 2015 with her debut EP release “Channel 6” and immediately established her self as an artist to watch. Her genre blending sound infusing elements of hip-hop, R&B and trap caught the attention of fans and critics alike. Her single “B.T.W” was featured on episode 4 of OVO Sound Radio and quickly became a fan favorite off the project, while her music caught the attention of taste making publications such as: The Fader, MTV News, Complex Music and Vice / Noisey among others.

After a short break from releasing music, Layla returned with a 6 song EP titled “PreePaid”. Toronto based producer JMak Beatz, who also produced all of “Channel 6”, produced the EP in its entirety. The new project is a return to Layla’s aggressive lyricism with her signature ability to switch styles and genres effortlessly on tracks. Releasing the first single off the EP, “Livin’ It Up” featuring Pressa in June, “PreePaid” is now available on all stream services.

Layla’s latest single “Rain or Snow” is both melodic and aggressive. This juxtaposition is symbolic of Layla’s sound, as her ability to sing in airy, soothing melodies and then switch to rapping with sharp lyricism and a commanding mic presence.

With the song gaining traction on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, Layla has just released the official video. Directed by Toronto based filmmaker Roda, “Rain or Snow” is Layla’s second official video release. Premiering the visuals via The Fader, Layla brings life to the fan favorite track off “PreePaid”.

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Jamel Thomas Drops New Single Off His Upcoming Mixtape “One On The House”


Jamel Thomas Drops New Single Off His Upcoming Mixtape “One On The House”

Jamel Thomas is back with another track off of his upcoming mixtape;  “One On the House”. You know the type…those people who show initial interest, only to start flaking on plans with sketchy, redundant excuses; that person who loves getting wined-and-dined, but won’t show up to events that aren’t all about them. You know—those flaky people…you invite them places, they say they’ll come out, then they lie! Cue “She’s Here”, with Jamel Thomas offering us a delicious rendition of revenge through success to those people who’ve slept on us through the come up, then suddenly want to be around us when we blow up.

In this slick track produced by Kavi Bless and arranged by the artist himself, Jamel Thomas mock-serenades a lady who tries running him through that same gauntlet of disappointment. He tells her that she’s misunderstood his intentions—he’s already got a thoroughbred with him, a gal he seems to be crazy about. He voices what we would all love to say after we hang up on those people who gave their last excuse: “Oh my dear…when I finally make it, don’t you come around here!” This song is perfect for those who want to stunt on their ex and show off what loyalty looks like, with their new flame, or simply show up those fake friends who never had our back through tough times.
On the chorus, his voice is reminiscent of that classic over-the-top rock style, with phases of R&B during the verses, all brilliantly layered over more familiar, new hip-hop production. As the track draws to a close, one thing is for sure – you do not want to be that person sleeping on this artist. This is the 3rd single in 3 months off the upcoming release “One On The House” due January 2018. Look out for more new music to come soon!

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Toronto artist Whosrome releases new visual for “Issues”

Who is Whosrome? A young male vocalist who’s sound embodies traditional Rnb with a new-school flavour. Whosrome comes from a soulful Jamaican background but was born and raised in the west-end of Toronto, Ontario. Rome and his family later uprooted to the rural suburb of Brampton within the same region. Like most young men, Rome had his run in’s with trouble, but decided that wasn’t to be his path. He quickly took to the sport of soccer, where his talents were recognized and honed by coaches and mentors within the industry of the sport. Soccer was the bulk of his life but seemingly nothing else compared to his love of music, so much so that he turned down a scholarship that his efforts with soccer had earned him. Rome expresses that he was always aware of his musical capabilities but never gave it much thought until, on a whim he decided to release “Say it”, a cover by Tory Lanez, which soon after went viral. Holding the sentiment of family near; a close cousin of Rome’s who had at the time recently finished a 12 year stint in prison, had immediately saw the potential of his family member Rome even when his parents were reluctant to do the same. An introduction to a recording studio by his cousin JB was all it took for a whim to become a passion. After these series of events an enterprise was born, No Questions Inc. Founded by the Artist and two other members who he states have played a major role in his career to date.

Self-proclaimed The WestEnd Prince, and rightfully so, then went forward to release noteworthy singles such as “No Time”, “Find Out” and presently “Time Never Mattered” and now “Issues”. A video was released for the single “Issues” on November 7th, the industry and the ones who founded it and presently contribute to the Rnb genre, he feels that now more than ever music has become more about popularity as opposed content and an authentic sound. Whosrome is not just a handsome face with a smooth all-encompassing voice, he is writer who creates based on real life experiences. As far as the future goes, Whosrome is constantly and consistently generating new material that can continue to curate his sound and also in hopes to remind listeners authenticity is far from extinct.

Check out the visuals below!!

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Harvey Stripes Drops New Video For “Money Counter” feat. Snootie Wild

Harvey Stripes has been dropping gems all 2017 in anticipation for his new project “Sooner Than Later”. In April he dropped “Snowbirds”, the Murda Beatz produced anthem showed a more melodic side of the artist from past material. Following the success of Harvey and Murda’s previous collaboration “For Real” which featured Yo Gotti, “Snowbirds” served as the first single for Harve’s “Sooner Than Later” project expected later this year.

Harvey then released a follow up single with “GABOS”, which is a heavier, reflective record that showcases Harve’s ability to find great melodies and write solid bars.

Connecting Toronto to Memphis, Harvey Stripes and Snootie Wild link up for Harvey’s latest visual “Money Counter”. Directed by long time collaborator Zac Facts, the video was shot on location in Memphis, Toronto and New York City as it personifies the results of the hustle.

The Dunlap-produced trap anthem appears on Harvey’s latest full length release, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, which included singles “For Real” featuring Yo Gotti & “On Me” featuring Blac Youngsta.

Be on the look out for new music and visuals as Harvey prepares his new full length project “Sooner Than Later” for release.


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Canadian Underground Hero Nate Husser Shares Geto Rock For The Youth, His First Solo EP

With an intensely personal aesthetic and influences from all over the musical spectrum, Nate Husser is one of the most uniquely creative emcees on either side of the US/Canada border. Blending his widespread musical and personal influences, including Beck and Rage Against the Machine, into a a hard-edged and lyrical dose of industrial rap, Husser shares Geto Rock For The Youth EPhis first solo EP. An invigorating release with a dark sonic palette, the Noisey-premiered GRFTY showcases Husser’s off-kilter charisma, nimbly weaving his high-pitched rasp through spaces in the beat. A member of the critically acclaimed rap group The Posterz, dubbed “best new rap group” by Jeff Weiss and the “pillars of the new wave of Montreal rap” by Complex, Husser establishes a compelling solo identity, sometimes aggressive, sometimes aspirational, but always defiant and clever. A compelling counterpoint to the dark, aggressive waves emanating from South Florida and SoundCloud, Geto Rock For The Youth is an impressive debut, positioning Nate Husser as a vital underground artist for the internet age

Explains Husser, “Geto Rock For The Youth is a vibe, a feel, a genre, a lifestyle, a sound. The project is heavily influenced by my childhood in the 90s, growing up with no Hip Hop radio station in my city. But still, I had great times and the good vibes and feels I soaked up and that stuck with me from that time are what I wanted to translate thru this project. I’m just doin what artists are born to do: Creating. Me and the other members of The Posterz–we gotta learn to create in collaboration as well as by ourselves, if we ever wanna be near as great as we all can be.”

Premiered earlier this week by Afropunk, Husser shared “Paintings For The Blind,” a lo-fi, slice of life video that demonstrates Husser’s charisma and character. The video follows Husser as he lives his life, hopping on a plane to a Caribbean island, where he plays soccer with the locals, rides a speedboat, drinks on the beach, and attends a birthday party. Starting with a low-key, minor guitar-and-bass groove, the song gradually builds up steam as the video reaches its climax, with Husser stunting on the street with an entire village of locals. The second track on Geto Rock For The Youth EP, “Paintings For the Blind” explores Husser’s (and society’s) ambition and his constant need for more, more, more: “I already have everything I need/A couple bad bitches and some good ass weed/But if I could just ask for one more thing/That would be a million bucks.” “Paintings For The Blind” is the second video from the project, following the atmospheric and claustrophobic “Catherine,” filmed by Husser himself on an iPhone.


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Toronto’s rising R&B vocalist, Ziyaad Luceō, releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Late Night Calls’

Toronto’s rising R&B vocalist, Ziyaad Luceō, releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Late Night Calls’. After a year of releasing quality singles, the emerging artist gives his fan-base a 7-track project with production from Sonder, Sango, Break, Kaelyn, Haan808, Khadisma, and Nehzuil. Sonically and instrumentally, this EP is unique and performed with precision. Every beginning and end is planned to create a fluent listening experience. Lyrically, Ziyaad is able to paint a clear image of the topic at hand. Attached to resonating emotion to make the record heartfelt and genuine. “Late Night Calls” is filled with a large range of sounds and fluent rhythms/flows. A short but deep love story where both protagonists are intertwined but have very conflicting personalities. From start to finish, the listener will take a trip through an intimate period of Ziyaad’s life.

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Konfiident Returns With Cinematic Video For Single “Exotics”

Canadian sensation Konfiident returns with the official cinematic video release for his single “Exotics” directed by @ADreamVisionEnt! Shot in Los Angeles, CA, Konfiident definitely lives up to his name in this video! Konfiident will be also releasing an extended version of the “Exotics” video on his Youtube page on Tuesday. Be on the look out for the release of Konfiident’s project  “The Come Up Story” top of next year!

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Toronto / U.K. Artist, Gov, Drops New Single With “Runaway”

Gov is an exceptional new voice originally from London, UK but now based in Toronto, Canada. Creating a buzz in 2016 with his debut EP release “Nights”, the project featured artists such as Amir Obe, Keffaleng and Ye Ali. Premiering the EP via Complex Music, Gov established a genuine sound that fused elements of grime, trap, R&B and hip-hop.

In May 2017, Gov released his second official EP “The Roses”. To accompany the project Gov put together an incredible short film that was scored with music from the EP. The EP and the film “The Roses” were featured in Complex Music and among other taste making media outlets. The EP and the short film were heavily inspired by the city of Toronto.

Gov put together a 3-song offering titled “NOMAD” which was released on all stream services in October. The project continues on the sounds established on “The Roses” as Gov smoothly hits melodies over ear catching production. The project flows together seamlessly with Gov finding new ranges in his vocals and bringing a truly unique genre blending R&B sound.

“Runaway” is a stand out single from the project and highlights a mixture of sounds and styles that Gov is becoming known for. Produced by Louis Vito, the darker R&B vibes signature of Toronto, come out as Gov plays with different melodies. Constantly evolving in his sound, “NOMAD” is a short offering while Gov prepares his debut LP release for 2018.

“NOMAD” is now available on all digital stream services and online music retailers.

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B-Flix feat. Frank Douglas – Pure Leaf (Music Video)

“Pure Leaf” is the newest single from B-Flix‘s upcoming album, entitled, “Forget Me Not: A Champagne Playlist”. This awesome ode to the best iced tea around features Canadian artist Frank Douglas over a bangin’ Xavier Addams production. The beat and hook are rock solid with excellent contributions from all artists. Shane McCurdy and Frank Films brought the visual to life, adding great depth to the project.

The single “Pure Leaf” (executive produced by Brent Flicks & Shane McCurdy) is now available on all digital music platforms.

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