NOA Drops Her New Single “Motions,”

NOA new single, “Motions,” is a post-breakup anthem, that takes you through the journey of post-breakup thoughts and how it feels to be on your own for the first time.

Motions” showcases the wide range of emotions one goes through after a breakup, especially when you’re on your own.

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Tyra Jutai New Single “Nudes”

Credit: Piper Ellis

Nudes” is a reflection on dating norms and how we build trust in our relationships. 

My coping mechanism is to gloss over the fear and fun of sending nudes with sarcasm.

Nudes” was inspired by naïveté in relationships, breakups on social media, and technology and intimacy intersecting. I wanted to contrast ditsy sarcasm with hints of heartbreak and frustration in the song’s lyrics.

The lyrics and melody were completely improvised. I self-produced the original version before taking it to the studio to add extra instrumentation and samples, taking it to the next level.

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Australian Singer-Songwriter AXI Debut Solo Single “Hands On Me”

After using his golden touch to co-write an array of global hits, Australian singer-songwriter AXI finally steps into the spotlight with “Hands on Me” – his debut solo single, released today via AWAL.   

With punchy Afro-pop fused production, the mellifluous “Hands on Me” hears AXI’s honeyed vocals soar across a bed of driving beats and sugar-coated guitars: “I need your skin to warm me up / I need your hands on me” AXI delicately sings in the chorus, utilising an angelic upper range which showcases his natural talent for the unforgettable, forward-thinking melodies he carved out a name for himself with.

AXI is the solo project of platinum songwriter Adrien Nookadu who has been cutting through in a serious way, with credits on M-22 and Medina’s platinum-selling UK Top 20 dancefloor hit “First Time” (30M+ streams), as well as “Eyes off You” with Kiana Ledé and Arlissa from the Charlie’s Angels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (executive produced by Ariana Grande) and German star Lena’s Top 5 radio hit “Don’t Lie to Me”.

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Soulful R&B Twitch Star Raquel Lily New Visual “I’m Leaving”

New visual from indie soul artist Raquel Lily entitled “I’m Leaving”. The release is an honest and relatable track for anyone who’s ever walked away from a toxic situation. “I’m Leaving” emits a heavy sense of nostalgia with warm honeyed-vocals and laid back vibes.

Raquel Lily is known her for presence on Twitch, where she has built a dedicated following.

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Los Angeles’ Multi Platinum ,Grammy Award Winning Artist Josh Stevens New Video “Home”

Josh Stevens is a Los Angeles-based Singer, Record Producer, Songwriter and Engineer. His works are Grammy Award Winning, RIAA Platinum Certified, Billboard Award Nominated, Juno Award Nominated (Canada) and ARIA Music Awards Platinum Certified (Australia). His early career was based around hip-hop working for the likes of Warren G, Snoop Dogg, The Game and Clyde Carson. However, Josh found his modern sound in pop/indie-rock/dance working with the likes of LMFAO, Pitbull, J-Lo, Steve Aoki, Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo.

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C. SHIROCK. New Music Video “Lost To The Night”

Co-written and produced by Thomas Doeve, the track was written about his brother, who he hadn’t seen or talked to in a few years. C. SHIROCK shares, “He told me the heartbreaking story about how his brother had disappeared and abruptly cut off communication with his family after suffering from his experiences in the military. As we talked and processed the situation, we started asking, ‘if we had a chance, what would we say to someone we’ve lost?'”

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Uni BLK’s Latest Single “Dusse”

After successfully releasing his debut project Celeste back in February, Uni BLK returns with a self produced club type track to keep the pot boiling. Dusse is a record to show that he is truly a jack of all trades and very much so versatile with his music. It’s safe to say that Uni BLK isn’t letting up and plans to make a name for himself one release at a time.

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Kope Drops New Album “Profound Aura “

Kope must be synonymous with mood generator, because with every song on Profound Aura, you’re carried between self-reflection, anger, humor, the course of love, and much more; all while being entertained. He wastes no time delivering his ideas over smooth, melodic, 808 filled beats, from some of the illest producers around the world. From the storytelling of his first born son in the song “Pre,” to his quest to make each new year better than the last on the song “Year,” to his demand to never be removed from his head space in “Please Don’t,” Kope gives you bar after bar of pure emotion through the words of a North Carolina boy all grown up.

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